2015 Portfolio Download

Hi there! Welcome to my portfolio/gallery

I’m currently in the process of re-structuring this part of my site, which will be an ongoing process as I sift through my old works, and new.  So, in the meantime, this section will house new works, unposted works, and re-uploaded (and updated) artwork that wordpress deleted. The section below this will house my old set-up, which will remain  until this page is completely restructured.

That said, I’d like to get this process started by going through all of my Gaia Illustrations and Pixel art, with the intent of uploading 2 pieces or so a day, until all has been added.



Back in 2011, I had the honor of becoming one of many artists, to contribute to the site- a place, that has been near and dear to my heart, ten years prior, back when I first joined as a regular user. It has been an experience that has inspired me, shaped me, and challenged me, in more ways than I can express. To be honest, had it not been for the opportunities Gaia has given me, it’s hard to imagine, that I would be anywhere near where I am today.

The work that I’ve done consists of character design, pixel art/item creation, most of which is accompanied by an illustration. Most of my designs, Gaia has allowed me complete creative freedom, which I must admit, is a fun challenge! I take much of my inspiration from fantasy, history, royalty, and nastalgia, while occasionally silently stalking forums to find out what Gaians are into, with the intent of creating work with their interests in mind. So, here’s lookin’ at you guys!





Love for Every Shade

For those who dont know, I am an African American woman, who works out of Detroit Michigan, and I have a fondness, and love for diversity. I love meeting, and getting to know people from different cultures, backgrounds, and walks of life–and in a lot of ways, it shows in my work.

This section, will be different from most, in that it is a collection of some of my more diverse works. Many of these illustrations were commisioned by clients who are local to me, who I’ve met in person, and or have been supporting me since I was in highschool, just starting out.

What I love about many of their books that I’ve had the honor of working on, is that most of the time, the moral of the story is to celebrate who you are– no matter your shade

Like with my Gaia arts– I’ll be adding about 2 images a day, till this section is populated, so, enjoy!


Old Section


Personal Works




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