The Lineup

Hey guys! Bea here!

In my effort to get better at poses, I decided to take a different approach to the commissions, and take the featured characters of individual mocks that I’ve made, and put them on a separate sheet and paint them all at one time, so, that’s what these are!


Little late on the warning, but yes, these contain nudity– but nothing explicit,so I hope these don’t offend anyone.

It’s a common practice of mine to draw/paint my figures nude, prior to clothing them, because I want to make sure that the figures and poses are believable and as accurate as can be underneath it all. The cool thing is, these make for great figure and lighting studies too!

How did I come upon these poses? Well, I sketched them out first, looked for references, and found the best ones I could, then I loaded up my 3D software with realistic models, posed them according to my references/sketches, got the angles I wanted, and drew them! It’s a lengthy process yes, but it allows me the benefit of studying life and applying my imagination to it, in the best way possible.

To tell you a bit about each study,  the first girl is going to be featured in an illustration I’m working on called Cicada, and is a water nymph. The second girl is for a commission on a book about Irish werewolves, and she’s the lead girl. The male is an African American slave, that I’m painting for the cover of a book series called Hebrews to Negroes about the history and lineage of Africans,  and the final figure is for the FANGIRL illustration I’m working.

I do have another lineup of four characters coming in the next few days which I’ve been working on as well, but yeah, just a quick show of what I’ve been up to! More arts coming soon!

Hope you liked these studies– and as always, till next time, Enjoy!



Feelin’ Guud!

Hey guys! Bea here!

So my friends were like, “Hey, you haven’t posted to your blog in a while.”

And I was like “Yeah, I  know >_<”

So a lot has happened! And of course I’ll be sharing arts with you guys,  but I guess I should say what’s been up 🙂

My health has been an issue for a long time, especially this past year– so as much as I would have loved to pour my energy into some of the projects I’ve had planned, the struggles I was having have set me back by months. Good news is, I’ve sought help, I’m finally on medication, and as the title suggests, I am FEELIN GUUUD, lol

So what was the issue? Well, I’ve struggled with very severe bronchitis for most of my life. I have been hospitalized for it, and have been housebound for weeks because of it. I’ve lived with this condition for so long though, I had kind of just gotten used to it, that is until a few months ago, after I stressed myself out and became extra sensitive to my triggers. And most recently, a visit to my friends house, who has cats,which I love, but are a trigger of mine, caused me to have a really bad attack while I was driving home. I didn’t have medication at the time, and the attack was so bad that it took me three weeks to recover from it to the point where I could at least walk around again without getting severely winded.

Naturally when you’re struggling to just get air into your lungs, 24 hours a day, it drains you– so, functioning was hard. I kept working on commissions but, that’s about all I could do. Anyway, I got a new doctor, and she informed me that my lungs and my sinuses were so irritated and inflamed that the smallest thing like taking a few breaths of chilled air was enough to set me off. Fortunately she sent me home with several medications designed to treat my condition entirely, and  after being on them for a few weeks, I feel ALIVE!

I never realized how good it feels to be able to simply take a long, deep breath, without having to struggle for it.  To be able to eat food without having to hold my breath first, and just enjoy the flavors, and to be able to sleep soundly and wake up energized instead of tired, among many other things that I had grown accustomed to.

Of course, the medications did come with their side effects. I was moody, and angry, and hungry, and angry, so, lol not fun times considering I found reasons to snap at all of my friends! Thankfully they understood that Bea was just trippin’ off side effects, and thankfully I’m done taking the ones that had Bea trippin’.

Up until that time though, I was drawing, just never got around to posting any of it. So, over the next few days I’ll be showing you some of the stuff I was working on!

Starting with FANGIRL!



You may have seen this before if you see my Instagram posts , but this image compiles a collection of things that I’ve been interested in, and have influenced me since I was younger, AND there are a total of 17 easter eggs (references to a fandom) to be found.

I showed this concept to my friends and they all digged it super much and said it would be cool if I made a series of illustrations like these, dedicated to different fandoms. After giving it much thought, I figured it’s a cool and fun idea, so why not? One of my goals this year is to have some work in print, and to perhaps get a booth at a Comic-Con to sell my work. Perhaps the FANGIRL series would be a good segway into that.

This illustration is still in it’s roughest form, but since there’s so many references in this one in particular, this entry would be considered FANGIRL: nastalgia, while others would be centered entirely on Comics, Games, anime/Japanese Culture, Film, Literature, ect.

I’d also like to note that every entry into the FANGIRL series, would have a similar formula.  For example, All of them would feature a girl in Cosplay, and will contain at least 10 easter eggs to be found.

Since I want this to use very dynamic series with dynamic posing, and I need to get better at drawing poses in general, to the benefit of the commissions that I’ve taken, I also decided to try and dedicate a bit of time each day, to drawing poses, and or speed paint portraits.

These are the few that I was able to do so far,


I need a new phone, with a better camera, coming soon, so bare with me, with these >_<;

For this set, I scoured through a few of the comic books I owned, particularly Spiderman, and Venom comics, and drew some of the poses I saw. This was my first take on drawing these poses so of the ones I did, these are the roughest.



All the poses that I do, are going to be done in my sketchbook, and from references. Basically with this set, I collected a bunch of references, and printed them out on one sheet of paper, and proceeded to draw the ones that interested me most from what I collected.  These poses were much harder to draw because clothes kinda get in the way– where as with the comics, most supers are wearing skin tight body suits.



These poses were inspired by one of my favorite games– Journey, by That Game Company.

Unfortunately there were no direct references to draw from with these, so instead, I whipped out my 3D programs, Daz Studio and Poser to pose a model before drawing it. Both are great tools to use if you want to draw difficult poses. Since I’m giving myself a time limit with these sketches- being like an hour a day, posing the models took up quite a bit of that time, so I could only draw two.

I haven’t drawn any poses after these, as of yet because I got called to do extra work, and had to work on some commissions, but I will be getting back to these very soon.

Anyway, sorry for the long delay! I certainly hope you liked this post and what I had to share :). there is more to show, but I’ll save it for a future post since this one is already so long.  So, As always, till next time, Enjoy!








Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here, and I’m excited because it’s the month of Halloween!! *Throws hands up in air and screams*

October has to be, by far, my favorite month of the year. Why? Well it’s fall, which means I can layer up, everything is pumpkin flavored, I can eat stew and drink lattes, and bundle up with my dog when it’s cold, and there are wonderful things to look forward too, like, Halloween masquerades, and parties with board games and weird looking food– ANNND lets not forget– Inktober, for all the artists out there!

Don’t know what Inktober is? Well, it’s a time when artists all across the interwebs, draw daily sketches/drawings with pen and ink! Yep, good old traditional arts :). Lets just say, I’ve really been looking forward to this, but, as fate would have it, since the incident which landed me in Urgent care, and the healing process that followed, I’m a bit behind on works, BUT, I am glad to say, that after two weeks, I am in good health, I feel good, pain is gone, and my hands are busy, which means, I has arts to share!

All of the pieces I will be sharing today are commissions that are works in progress, that I intend to complete somewhere between this month, and early November. The sooner the better of course, so I’ve been busy 🙂

The first WIP is a rough sketch for a book cover I’m Illustrating for Ms. Adrienne Rutherford, which is a story about a burlesque woman set in the 1920’s


There will be some composition changes to make better use of how everything is spaced, but the general idea is there– as the woman gets ready for her show. A huge inspiration for a lot of art I do, especially if it’s burlesque, is Dita Von Teese who I can honestly say, is a true artist of seduction in a way that she can be sexy, but very classy. It’s not there yet, but when I move beyond the sketch phase, It is my hope that I can channel that in my work 🙂

The other Cover that I’ll be working on, is one that I showed before–


The author has requested some changes with this, one, to the title that I haven’t updated yet. Besides that,  there’s not much I can say about the story since he’d rather it be more of a mystery for now.

As some of you may recall, not too long ago, I made myself available to take up to 3 commissions. I got a few emails, and among those, was Mr. Chiasson. His request, however, was a bit outside the specifications of the commissions, in that he requested 6 original character designs. I agreed to work with him, but with the understanding that it would take more than a week to complete. This commission is still in process, but with his permission, I’m able to share with you, what I have so far.


A lot of planning goes into character design, so, to start I like to determine the pose and overall silhouette of the characters. Because each one specified was so different and unique, I created this spread to get an idea of the characters scale, in comparison to each other, in addition to the basic silhouette.

Once that phase was complete, I used the silhouettes to create nude-line arts of each of the characters.


Right now, there’s only four because the other two are in progress, but these will all be clothed and colored, and as a bonus, since I’m documenting my steps, animated individual showing the progress from start to finish. Overall, I love character design and it’s been a really fun project so far, and challenging too!

Two other sketches, that are currently in progress are more drawings of kitty cats– one of them, being another kitty from Katzenworld

But as you all can see, I’ve got a full plate, and this isnt’ even including the work that’s under NDA at the moment. I don’t know if I’ll get to partake in inktober as much as I want, but I will try, even if it’s one ink drawing a week or something lol.

Thank you for all your support, it’s gonna be a busy month, but more arts coming soon!

Till next time, Enjoy 😀


Thursday Evening Post

321 Comics- Update Preview

I’ve spent quite a bit of time restructuring the overall illustration for 321 Comic’s Panorama to remove a ton of the dead space that was in it, and give it a more cosy feel, while finding a color pallet that works well with it. Aka, LOOOOT of work lol. Quite a bit of it is still too messy to show— however here is a sample from a section of it that’s looking pretty good. 321previewThere is this thing I call “reaching my threshold point” where I’ll pretty much struggle through my ideas, trying different things hoping I’ll land on something that works. This applies to building a composition, and finding the right color scheme to work with. This process is often long and takes a lot out of me, but once I get to a place where I feel all my ideas have come together, and I’m comfortable enough to run with it, I’ve reached my threshold and it’s easy street from then on.

After fiddling with this image constantly, I’m finally at that place and I’m hoping to finish it completely in the next day or two. We shall see lol.

Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys and gals, It’ Monday! And I’m here with another update on our Mystery Girl!

A Familiar Face

Preview1Still don’t recognize her? This might help!


Since February I’ve been studying and practicing painting faces, and many of you got to see my progress in the last two illustrations I posted. Since it was the end of the month, I decided to take my continued studies to who I will for now refer to as the Constellation Girl. This is again just a sample of the full illustration, and because I’m actively trying to learn as a paint, I’m taking my time.

Basically I wanted to see how my skills had improved in a month’s time after my studies, and our lady of the constellations seemed to be the best candidate for comparison. Overall, my lines got tighter, cleaner, and I understand the contours of the face a bit better and how light hits it. There’s still much to learn about her– who she is, her personality– all that good stuff, so expect to see more of her!

On a side note– because the earlier parts of the month is a time where I have to generate ideas for future projects and meet obligations with my clients, it’s difficult finding time to draw at my leisure. It’s only around the latter time of the month that my schedule frees up enough that I can truly commit to my studies. Because of this, between the 1-15 of every month, I’m going to dedicate my Monday and Thursday Evening posts to other artists and articles geared towards helping artists.  I am still kinda finding my footing with this blogging thing, and I thank everyone for their patience as I figure out how mines is going to flow.  Till next time, Enjoy!

Thursday Evening Post

Mystery Girl

Preview for another work in progress!


Not revealing what this one is yet– but there’s a narrative behind it that will be more apparent when the whole illustration is revealed. I’ll give you some hints though– it’s tied to a personal project of mine and is one in a series of many illustrations that will follow which will tell you more about who this girl is.

This is also me practicing faces from my imagination. Don’t be surprised if hers evolves a ton like the last few I did. 😀

For now, Enjoy!