I’ve Returned!

Maybe it’s just me, but for some inexplicable reason– maybe friggen solar flares or whatever is probable, almost all my electronics, computer, phone, internet, applications I work on, at home and at my job — and the systems my service providers work on, have been wonky as hell!

So it’s been about two weeks since my last post. Typically, when I know I wont be around to post during my designated posting days, I give forewarning, but unfortunately the string failery associated with everything mentioned above, I was unable to do that. In fact, I could barely even check my email due to browser failures and the internet being wonky. Everything is in a working, manageable order now, but as a result, I’ve been doing damage control, sifting through email, responding to people that I couldn’t among other things.

I do have arts to share of course, that being the remaining character sketches, my inktober sketches and a few other works that were in progress, but I need some time to get everything back in order. That said, I will be continuing the posts I had originally planned, starting Monday, onward.

In the meantime, even though it might be like “whatever” for some, I just want you guys to know that I take my blog very seriously– and even if it is a bit of extra work in my schedule, it is not something that I do halfheartedly. I started this blog, with the intent of being consistent, and more than anything I don’t want to disappoint myself by not following through. Don’t get me wrong though– I love it– I do it because I enjoy it, through the good times and the bad! It just means a lot to me, so this post needed to be made.

So, Thank you for reading, I will be returning with more arts to share with you all on Monday! Till next time, Enjoy 🙂


Monday Evening Post

Well, I literally lost track of time and forgot what day it was x_x, so, Good evening ya’ll! or should I say, Goodmornins, because it’s like, 1am my time when I started writing this lol.

I joke with Justin quite a bit– we both blog and he goes on about how he has his stuff written in advance, while I’m literally like, writing on the fly. Unfortunately I’m not as organized as he is, or rather, I’m prone to operate in organized chaos.

So, Here’s what I have for you today!

merlinsAnother Illustration to add to the gallery!, and, while I’m at it, I figure I’d add all the pages for the portfolio I printed, in spread form, now that it’s a done deal 😀

So I printed this as a book  that was like 8.5 by 5.5, or whatever size it was, I cant remember, can’t find my ruler, so, we’ll go with that! But, I limited myself to 8 pages in total for budgeting reasons, since the costs to print can get pretty high the more pages you add, so in those 8 pages, I tried to find the best images to showcase– many of which is my most recent work, created within the past 8 months or so. There’s only one collection of images that no one has seen, and it’s of the butterfly girl, the page before last, which were illustrations I did for a children’s book years ago called– A Butterfly Named Bee.

What I hope to do in the future, especially since I’ll have the luxury of time, and I’m not rushing to prepare for SDCC, is to take what I’ve learned doing this small illustration book, and collect all the illustrations I do in a 12 month period, at the end of the year, and compile them into a book to showcase my work. The only difference is, I want to include rough studies, and sketches and show process work, along with descriptions of how some of my illustrations are made, so hopefully by December, I can put together a more lengthy portfolio– using this one as a starter.

But, I really worked myself hard in the past couple of months– so much, that I’ve arranged to have a month off from work to allow myself to recover, which will be starting August 1st. I have a few jobs to finish before that, but  I am sooooo ready >_<. What that means for my blog is, I wont be keeping a hard schedule during that period– soo,  though I’ll continue to post throughout the month, there will be no Monday Evening posts. Just random ones, when I have something to share–so, yay for organized chaos!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Monday Evening Post

Return from San Diego Comic Con


This is one word I can use to describe it. Why? Because I can apply it in sooo many different ways which I’d love to go into, if i wern’t jet lagged, lol! 3 hour difference between Michigan and California so my day feels like it just disappeared on me.  Even soo, I have quite a few photos to share and I look forward to giving an in depth review of my experience, along with a feature post about and for the various artists/friends I met in the great city of San Diego– All will be available for your viewing pleasure on Thursday once I’ve compiled it all, So, stay tuned!

For now– I will be un-jetlagging myself with much sleep and plenty of zzzzzzz!

As always, Enjoy!