Sketchbook Exclusive- Siamese Swan Lake

Hey guys! Bea here! Bringing you another Sketchbook Exclusive!


Concept:  Character Concept Art for Facebook’s Character Design Challenge

Theme: The Traveling Circus/ Siamese twins performing Swan Lake

Inspirational Music:

It’s highly likely that with the time I have left, I wont be able to complete this character concept art for the challenge, but even so I’d like to share it here as it is a piece I intend to finish at a later date 🙂

Originally when I started to piece this design together, I tried to think of a circus show I’d pay to see– and I thought, Siamese twins, that would be cool! Oh and maybe they should be doing something acrobatic or some kind of dance that requires precision and balance. Mirrors. Think mirrors– as if the sisters are mirroring each other *sketchity sketch sketch*   Okay, now costumes, what should they wear? Hrm….Tutu…ballet shoes…..*sketch sketch*…What if— What if made one look sad and the other confident? What if….one is the black swan and the other the white swan from Swan Lake? That would totes make sense because they are like two half’s of one whole kinda *Sketchity sketch*

And there you have it! A brief window into my brain!

I’ve never seen Swan Lake in person, but I’ve always been fascinated by it, since I was introduce to the story by….Princess Tutu

A gem of an anime I stumbled upon some years back, which, believe it or not is one of my all time favorite animes now. Black Swan with Natalie Portman was also a huge inspiration in the thought process  as that movie captured the idea very well, in how mirrors were used to reflects the different swans.

Another thing that drew me to this idea is my love of comparing blacks and whites in my art. I love seeing the two clash in some way or form  so it gave me another excuse to do it.  Pretty soon I’ll enough pieces like these that I can make a series out of them lol!

I do hope I can finish it on time, I have quite a few things that come before it, but even if I can’t it was fun to get started and certainly something I look forward to finishing.

Anywho, Hope you liked this sketchbook exclusive, and maybe even found something nice to look into. As for me, I think I’ll go binge watch Princess Tutu again for the millionth time >_<

Till next time, Enjoy!