Sketchbook Exclusive- Mori

hash1Hey guys! I’ve been hard at work for the past few days, getting several projects started, and among them is Mori, a short story of my very own that I am writing, designing and illustrating, and I’m here to share this small preview of a work in progress!

I wont be giving much away in terms of the story, at least not yet, but to be brief, the name itself means “To Die” In Latin, and it’s about the relationship a human shares with death- both in a literal sense, and in the way Death is personified throughout the story. While I’m currently in the early stages of creating the concept art, and overall look and feel of the story, I can say that it will be rich with lore, with a style that intermingles Victorian elegance, ancient Mexican traditions, and nature.

So who is the looming figure in the preview?  He is a prominent character, one of two Reapers– and is commonly referred to as “Black Death”. But believe me, his name and appearance makes him out to be more menacing than he is.

Because this is a very ambitious project for me, being my first go at making my own illustrated story, I will be taking my time, creating the concept art and building the story while learning to storyboard prior to making the interior illustrations. Overall though, my goal is to have a finished product, by sometime next year.  Of course, all my process work, leading up to it, will be shared here, so feel free to follow along 🙂

Also, since some of the work I do is a collaborative effort, I will be giving credit where it’s due. So, a big thank you to graphic designer Zygona for vectoring the title logo I designed, and for compositional guidance!

More concept arts coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy!


All art associated with Mori, by Beagifted is protected by copyright law– and is not to be used or sold except for by original artist: Bea Jackson.

Thank you.

Gardening Tips from your Friendly Reaper

ReaperSo, Zy and I were having an interesting conversation– Maybe you’ll enjoy it 😀

Bea: I miss you! *grabby handz* and I drew little reapers of you today…but they’re just incoherent scribbles >_<

Zygona: I wanna seeee

Bea: they are really crappy scribbles. It’s like, a square here and a circle there, and a few squiggly doodads– looks like spagetty but I know what’s there!!

Zygona: so *whines while making grabby hands *

Bea: fine ill show you my crappy drawings…

Zygona: YAY! I was ’bout to pull the sad puppy fayce on you

Bea: here! My squiggly doodads!! lets see if you can make out what’s going ondodads

Zygona:…watering a dead plant

Bea: yes, yes you are watering a dead plant…

Zygona: the ones on a swing outside with a house–

Bea: No, no swing.  that’s a tree!! can’t you tell how obvious it is that it’s a tree?!

Zygona: ttly looks like a swing there on the top right hand side– looks like a swing, and your roots are a seat

Bea: shushers you! there is a story behind these doodads!!

I wont lie, most of my actual sketchbook is made of squiggly doodads, but in this case, I decided to take it a little bit further, thus arts were born! Totally legible arts! By the way, there is a story behind this sketch– more to be revealed in time!

Just a simple lighthearted post 😀 Till next time, Enjoy!

Day 12

So today’s post is about FRIENZ!

This sketch sort of ties in with the sketch from Day 7, with the reaper theme. What does this have to do with frienz? Well, my friends influence me a lot. One of them, who I shant name was always crazy about peanut butter stuff, and now I’m crazy about peanut butter stuff! But this friend, in particular, Zygona, who’s name itself is a bone in the skull I think, Is totally all for death and skully things. So, in an effort to impress her, I draw….death and skully things lol and because I think they’re cool! So everyone, meet my muse, Zygona


This is a lot rougher than I wanted it to be, but I just wasn’t feeling to well today so, once I got the idea of it down, I had to call it quits. But I will be going over it again in the future, to tidy it up.

Tying in with today’s sketch and the theme of FRIENZ, I’d like you to meet a girl from my childhood who I shall refer to as Netta. She and I grew up together and even though we have our differences, we’re still friends. These were sketches I did years ago, back when I was still in school, that depicts how we were, and still are sometimes.  On a side note, I drew us pretty big in some of these pics, I don’t know why, we aren’t >_< But, lets start with the first one.

YoP 001

We could hang out in our bathing suits under the shower head on hot days, because sprinklers were lame!

At times it was argued I would even give her the clothes off my back, if she needed it— this sketch is an exaggeration though. I no go nakeds for you Netta, sorry

YoP2 001

And I know we’ll always be together


To all my Frienz, my homies, my special peoples, I love you all. Friends for Life!