Evolution of a Concept

Sometimes it’s good to push an idea a bit further, beyond the point you would usually stop– just to see if you can make it a little bit better.

Here’s a simple follow up, of the process to making my 2016 self-portrait: Dreams.


I started this sketch back in November, with a simple idea in mind- to draw myself with a vibrant bouquet made up of art supplies, and my sketchbook. At the time, I was very confident  that I had everything figured out, and this was the final draft. I even took the time to do a clean pencil line-art in my sketchbook for inking.


But because I simply wasn’t ready to finish it at the time, I stepped away from it, didn’t look at it or touch it, until New Year’s Eve.  After giving it some thought, It needed a little bit more…

Sometimes you have to take a step back, to see the better picture

It’s easy to run the risk of being too intimate with your own work. You could become so obsessed with the details, that you lose sight of what the bigger picture is all about.

In my experience during figure study classes,  the instructors always encouraged their students to step back, or away from their canvases every once and a while, because when working in such a large format, the artist is only able to focus on whats in their direct line of sight. When the artist fails to do this, very often when they look at the final piece, they find various problems.  For example, the eyes may not line up, the face may be out of proportion, different parts of the body may be disproportionate, or out of scale– All, which could easily be fixed by simply looking at the work as a whole instead of focusing on the finer details.

This isn’t a concept that’s exclusive to working in large formats either. The same can be said by simply stepping away from your work for a period of time, so that when you come back to it, you have fresh ideas on how to make it better, and it’s a trick used by writers, musicians and artists of all kinds.

So, when it came to working on Dreams, I certainly saw room for improvement.


Laziness is not a Virtue: The importance of having your very own support group


Bea: im really debating if I should color this
Zygona:  i think you should
Bea: I know I want it to have like, a watercolor look…
Zygona: that would be cool
Bea: i dunno if I just find line-art more appealing or if I’m just being lazy lol
Zygona: well, save the line and try coloring it, and if you still like the line better then you can say you do like the line better and its not laziness
Bea:  aka no being lazy lol


Bea: lol I’m glad you made me not be lazy and actually color it
Zygona: indeed. i like it colored

Zygona– Always the voice of reason in my every-day life >_<. Justin and my friend D’andre are also two individuals who have a lot of say in my work, and their input has been essential to my growth. After-all, how do you know where to improve if you don’t have anyone there that you trust to critique you?  Thanks guys ^_~.


One thing that I’m happy about, after finishing this piece, is being able to see my growth in comparison to my first Constellations/Dreams illustration from last year, that featured Estelle, a character I created for the sake of marking my own progress as an artist.

As far as this illustration is concerned, I’ve always wanted to work with more vibrant colors, and play with collage like concepts, especially since both have always been very difficult for me to do. But I took the time to reflect on what I’ve learned this year, allowed myself to exercise new ideas and try new things, and challenged myself to work outside my own comfort zones with the encouragement of my friends, and it lead to a piece that I am very proud of. Going into 2016, I intend to do much of the same, with the hope that by the New Year of 2017, I’ll have another illustration to share, that not only marks my progress for the year, and my growth as an artist, but sets a new standard for the years that follow.

And with that, I leave you with a little animation showing my process to the final piece 🙂




Hope you liked this post, and as always, till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Seductress of the Deep

DeepSeductressOkay, this post is a biit NSFW >_<, so I’m setting it apart from the post Oliver the cat will be featured in, which will be published as a secondary Monday Evening Post, in the evening.

Basically I’ve been quite exhausted after getting slammed with a ton of work at one time, resulting in quite a few sleepless nights, and mis-timed posts that I’m still kinda recovering from via multiple naps throughout the day lol! But I’m well enough now that I’m able to draw, produce more works, and get back on track with more detailed posts involving my process. That’s what this one is about.

I’m constantly learning, trying new things to help me get my ideas out better, so this time around I decided to try a method I’ve seen a lot of artists using, to see if it would help me move faster. I don’t have the official name for it, but I’m going to refer to it as the block-out method, where you basically work off a silhouette and block in shapes using color, before applying details and really fleshing it all out. The purpose of this method? To keep your work loose and energetic, and also because it consumes less time.

And for me, it did :D. This is one of three illustrations that I did in a short time using this method, the other two will be featured in the this Thursday Evening Post. For those of you who are interested, I included a little animation detailing the steps!

MermaidGifYou may notice the image in the upper right hand corner. This is my reference, which I created. I don’t have models to pose for me, so most times when I have an idea that I’m having a hard time picturing in my head, I’ll use programs like Poser, DazStudio, and/or Google Sketchup, to create poses and compositions using the 3d models that are available to me. These programs aren’t perfect, as the models themselves are a bit stiff to me,  but they are very useful tools, that really help build accuracy in your work by at least allowing you to see you ideas in action.

Hope you enjoyed this post! In the meantime, check back later to see the new sketch for Oliver from Katzenworld!

and as always, Enjoy!