What to Expect In February

So it’s February….now what? Some people had the impression that once January was over, and I was done with my challenge that  I would stop posting. Totally not true! In fact, I have planned to dedicate each month to a specific theme or challenge to help me grow as an artist, and reach my goals.

January was a warm up– an exercise in building confidence in my art, expressing creative thought, and showing commitment. February, is all about structure and study. What that means is, finding a drawing and posting schedule I can commit to long term, and focusing on studies designed to develop my skills in areas I’ve struggled with.

Because I want to focus more time on learning what I’m studying, and also because I want to publish finished works to add to my gallery, I’ll no longer be posting daily drawings. Instead, I’ll be publishing new content, every Monday and Thursday, starting Feb 9th. In the meantime, between posts,  I’ll  also be publishing process files, much like this, but of course, more detailed, so that you can follow the process of my work, start to finish.

Stars-ProgressMy process posts will including notes, and sometimes shares of things, people, and or articles that serve as inspiration to the process.  Overall though, I hope to make it more interesting for you! And as always, enjoy!

Touch the Stars

January 1st, I took a challenge– to draw every day for 30 days. I was not prepared to do it, I just know I wanted to do it, to kick start the new year. It wasn’t a major accomplishment, I’m comparison to other challenges, but for me, it was.

The truth is, I don’t draw much…I always wished I did…I wish I had more time to draw freely, to learn and grow and become a better artist. But Life and obligations typically get in the way. So when I was given a month to relax, I decided I’d take that time and be productive and do the thing I always wished I could. I’d draw.

It was rough at first. I was so out of practice I didn’t even know where to begin. I had my doubts. But after about day 5, all that passed. It’s as if someone got the wheels turning my head and the ideas were flowing through my pen as I wrote them down, one after the other.  I felt alive– inspired– this is what it meant to draw! The joy of bringing those ideas to life!

It wasn’t all fine and dandy though. My arm hurt something awful because i wasn’t used to it all… but I kept pushing a sketch each day because I knew that some of you were watching, and I didn’t want to conk out, after I’d already committed…even when I hit a low and began thinking of my future as an artist. I have dreams and goals, but some of them seem so far out of reach…

I halfway wanted to quit, after that thought…but then another one came to mind.  If the endgame of your goals seem so far off you cant touch them, reach for the ones nearest to you that you can. Creating my blog, and completing this challenge, was one of my goals. and those small accomplishments, gave me the confidence that I can reach others.

So to follow up with my challenge, I combined everything I learned in thirty days, into a finished painting that gives life to the idea that we all can reach our goals– and with each one, we can touch the stars of our dreams.

BannerBlog1Thank you, everyone for helping me kickstart the new year, and for inspiring me, to keep goin! Stay tuned for more updates, and Enjoy!