Inktober 2015- Frankette

Trick, Treat….or both?


You guys may remember a teaser I posted not too long ago, of my first Inktober sketch in progress–

FrankensteinsMany people thought this was two people, getting a little intimate, as was intended, when seen from a certain angle, but instead of two, it’s just one, and her name is Frankette!

Frankette is technically the piecing together of a male and a female– and There were three sources of inspiration that lead to her design.

  1. Anyone recall the movie from 2002 called May?

    Well if you haven’t, I wont spoil too much– it’s a story about a socially awkward girl who just wants a friend…SPOILER ALERT—-  She decides to make one by sewing together the body parts she admired most about the people in her life who shunned her. Seriously, has to be one of the weirdest, creepiest horror films I’ve seen.
  2. This little number!
    Zombie 2
    A very old zombie sketch, that looks very weird to me now, but is basically a bride and groom who loved each other so much– they fused, and not in the cool Steven Universe way >_< So, I wanted to redo it, but in a more practical way.
  3. And last– This gem of a piece I found while looking up references for my burlesque piece–

    This picture threw me for a loop because I thought it was two people until I realized it was one model, in a split outfit, posed in a way that made her appear like two. I loved it– and I thought the concept was perfect to build Frankette off of.

Now I’d like to sit here and pretend that I just whipped my ink drawing out on a whim, but I didn’t. I don’t usually work with pen and ink, for one, and for two– I cant help but plan out my concepts before I get into them– UNLESS I just so happend to be drawing from life. So, here is the original digital sketch of Frankette–

FranketteI posed her, so that if you look at it from the bottom up, your eyes may be fooled into believing it’s two people, aka, the trick. But when you get to her face, you realize it’s one– and she’s pretty, so, lol that’s the treat >_<! Another fun thing a bout Frankette is that the green areas of her body are female,and the blue are male– though mostly covered in the tux side of her body.

When it came time to draw and ink it, I worked in a small 8.5 x 5 moleskin sketchbook, so even though my lines were sharp, the scan came off a bit muddy because of the small scale, so I had to do some touching up on the finish piece in addition to adding a few splashes of color, but if you care to see the bare sketch as in my book, Here ya go 😀

FranketteWell I hope you guys like Frankette! She was a joy to draw! Teasers coming soon for the next monster in progress. Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here!

Sooo, Good New! So far it looks like I will be able to participate in Inktober. I wont be able to do much, given that half the month is gone already, but I have a few ideas I’d like to draw out, and since I’ll be clearing out quite a few projects this week, I’ll finally have a little free time to get mah ink on!

Now, I’ve given it some thought– about what I will draw for Inktober– and after juggling a few ideas, I decided to do a mini series of sketches, featuring different monsters, with a twist. For example, monsters like a vampire, a phantom, mermaids, the boogeyman, and Frankenstein or steins.

Unfortunately I didn’t have supplies to start my sketches, being as all my drawing pads have been sketched out, and I only had pencils on hand, so in the meantime, I played around with some ideas on my computer until I was able to buy the stuff I needed– like, basic friggen pens and a moleskin sketchbook.

so, since it’s Monday I decided to share a teaser for one of the digital sketches I did that will be redrawn, in detail and ink, for Inktober-

FrankensteinsLittle saucy– lol not something I usually do– well…I guess, I dunno, maybe? Anywho, you get the picture! it’s a teaser!

In the meantime, I have a few pieces that are near completion that I’ll be happy to post for you all on Thursday 😀

Till next time, hope you liked the teaser! And as always, enjoy 😀