Monday Evening Post

Hey Guys! Bea here, and waddoya know– It’s my WordPress Anniversary 😀 and the new format looks weird, so it’s taking some getting used too >_<.

Anywho, I has arts to share!


This isn’t the complete image– In fact, the original completed illustration is a lot fuller, but I decided to add more to it a little late in the game that I wish to finish before posting the full thing. I can, however tell you a bit of what the story is behind this one.

These characters were designed for Gaia Online’s Monthly Collectable for November, whose names are Flora and Autumn, and they are both the physical embodiment’s of what their names imply. She’s a flower, who’s life is fleeting, and he is fall. The tragedy is, they fell in love.

A little caption that was written for both-

Flora’s Last Waltz: Dancing with Autumn one last time, Flora takes a steady breath and holds him close before letting go, leaving with the last breeze of the harvest season.

Autumn’s Serenade: He holds her one last time, then plays a song for her as she goes, one final dance as she disappears with the wind.


On a side note, SDCC both burned me out and left me inspired. Weird combination, I tell you!  But one of the things that I’ve been trying to do, since that experience, is be more creative in how I imagine the theme’s I’m working with, character designs, expressiveness, and composition, while still being practical with my designs. These are things that I’m trying to apply to my work, as a whole.

In a way, challenging myself like this, though it’s subtle, is like learning how to do basic things all over again. It can be a bit frustrating, but exciting when the results show progress. Still working on the progress part, but it’s getting there, and I have Inktober to thank for that!

Speaking of which, because I have quite a few works to share, I will be spreading them out– and sharing them throughout the week, leading into next week. This will give me some time to write something special about each piece, and tell you guys about some of the exciting transitions I’ve been going through, with my career:)

Also, sorry about this post is coming a bit late at night– since my browsers or WordPress, or whichever are not without their issues “still” I had a bit of trouble. Even so, I’m just glad to be able to share this post with you all!

Hope you liked what I had to share, and as always, till next time, Enjoy!