Hey guys! Bea here! And I have arts to share!

Kelly- Commissioned by Rebellious


This is one that I actually finished about a month ago– I just never got around to posting it.

As simple as this illustration is, it did pose it’s own set of challenges. I personally would have preferred to work from a direct model in a controlled setting so I could get the lighting I wanted in the most accurate way, and more accurate anatomy, but instead I had to rely heavily on my imagination for this one.

Because of this, there were quite a few transitions between the final version and the first draft. Attached a little animation for you guys, so you can see the comparison.


As always, it’s cool seeing how my style progresses with these transitions, especially when I’m dealing with an early draft that was conceived many months prior to the completion of the image.

Unfortunately it was among a few commissions I was in the process of doing around the time I got sick, so the delay was long. I think it worked out for the better in the long run though, since the quality turned out much better with the skills I gained in that stretch of time. And I’m happy to say that my client is very pleased!

Well, this post is a brief one, but I’m glad to say that I’ve made some significant progress on some of my other commissions which I will be sharing throughout the week! So, new arts coming soon!

Hope you liked this post, and as always, Enjoy!