Character Sketch– The Grix

Hey guys! Bea here! And this time we have The Grix

sketchosSpread2Which is, a wooded faun-like creature 🙂

sketchos2Like the others, minimal clothing was requested, but to tell you a bit about the Grix, much of his design is inspired by the Faun in Pan’s Labyrinth, but intended to be a bit more human-like in appearance. As an added note– his horns are more like bark, with a hint of moss on them– so i decided to color the rest of him to resemble mossy wood.

Here’s a little animation showing his process 😀

sketchos2-animationTomorrow I’ll be taking a break from the character sketch posts, so that I may show you guys what i’ve been working on for inktober since Frankette– considering there are quite a few drawings underway!

Sorry this post is a bit breif– but that’s only because my computer decided to be annoying today and make everything hard on me and I need to shuts it doown >_<.

But, stay tuned, for tomorrow there will be more arts to see! Till next time, Enjoy 😀