Sketchbook Exclusive: Recovery

Hey Guys! Bea here, bringing you a forgotten classic from my gallery!


Forgiveness- 1st

This is another old one, from as far back as 2008, and was one of the three Illustrations I did for the first stage of L Ron Hubbard’s Illustrators of the Future Contest, and was one of my first best digital paintings at that time, right along with the other two.

The story behind this one can be pieced together by the various clues left behind, but, it’s about a young man who lost his little sister due to a drunk driving accident, and even though he wasn’t responsible for her death, he always blamed himself for not being able to prevent it. What he doesn’t  know, is that her spirit is there, trying to let him know it’s okay, even though she knows he can’t see her.

One thing I’d like to point out, which is funny to me when I look through some of my old stuff, is that I happen to notice trends. In any work I’ve done that has an association with life and death, I always include either a little blue butterfly or in Mori’s case, a blue bird. So when I was looking at this, and I noticed the little butterfly that I forgot I painted, it just made me step back and say– wow, what’s up with me and butterflies and death >_<;

Speaking of which, here is another illustration I did– featuring a familiar butterfly blue

MybuttetflybigMy Butterfly

This is a  bit different, in that it shows a familiar butterfly that a girl notices– the big one towards the right. She follows it with her gaze– chases it, and runs into a boy who catches it. He opens his palm and they both admire it’s beauty–and in that moment, their love blossoms. They grow up, get married, love each other, and have a children of their own– all as this strange butterfly appears throughout their lives. Then her husband grows ill, and she’s left a widow, with 3 loving children at her side…further down the line, she’s an old woman, carrying along, when the familiar butterfly comes to greet her once again.

An Honorable mention for the butterfly theme– Chasma (property of Bea Jackson)

Some of you may recall me mentioning that I’m in the process of working on a short illustrated Story called Mori–hash1

Which is a story dealing with the concept of- death and acceptance. Before Mori, there was Chasma, which followers a similar concept, but is more defined, and deals with people in a coma, caught in a limbo of sorts, between life and death.


Ironically– and again this was by no planning of my own, The girl in this story is very similar to the one in Forgiveness, in that she too was caught in an accident, only instead of dying, she was severely injured which leaves her in a coma.

The simplest explanation I can give for this story, is that while in a coma, she’s carried into this strange world of limbo, by her Spirit butterfly.


Char-Shy1She is then greeted by a guide, aka, a reaper, who deals specifically with souls that haven’t been able to move on, or visitors, aka, people in prolonged comas, like herself. Through him, she meets several other individuals in his troupe which consist of a fallen soul, a lost soul, a free spirit, and another visitor, like herself.

ChasmaReally basic sketches for me to remember the characters by 😀

If I do ever get to a point where I can bring Chasma into existence, it will likely be in the form of a graphic novel/comic since it’s story is far more expansive than Mori is, but it has definitely been on my mind for years.

On a side note, I’d like to take a moment to explain the erm, Title of this Post lol

I’ve had a really sucky month, as far as health is concerned. I spent weeks struggling with my bronchitis, and not long after recovery from that, thank goodness, something else happened. I’m not too keen on saying what it was, but my mom knew about it, I had her watching me to make sure I was okay especially since I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and was beginning to develop a fever.  So, drawing has been hard, which is also why I’m sharing a lot of older works, but I was going to ride it out, at least till Monday. I didn’t make it till Monday though lol, and my mom rushed me to urgent care after she heard me hollering in pain in my sleep. The visit to the doctor wasn’t fun, I had a minor surgery, I’m on some meds, and  lets just say, I’m feeling waaaaay better than I did this morning lol.

I love to draw, you guys know that, so creating art isn’t just about posting here with you guys, it’s something i do that makes me happy, clears my head and is a very fun and enjoyable experience for me, and when I can’t do it, or at least as much, for reasons as mentioned above, it brings me down, but I’m excited now, because I’m confident I can get back into it, full force, very soon:D and it’s also exciting to know that I can share it with you guys, and go in deep with my posts, like this one, since I have the energy to do it now.

So, thank you guys, for all your support!  More new arts coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Sketchbook Exclusive- Mori

hash1Hey guys! I’ve been hard at work for the past few days, getting several projects started, and among them is Mori, a short story of my very own that I am writing, designing and illustrating, and I’m here to share this small preview of a work in progress!

I wont be giving much away in terms of the story, at least not yet, but to be brief, the name itself means “To Die” In Latin, and it’s about the relationship a human shares with death- both in a literal sense, and in the way Death is personified throughout the story. While I’m currently in the early stages of creating the concept art, and overall look and feel of the story, I can say that it will be rich with lore, with a style that intermingles Victorian elegance, ancient Mexican traditions, and nature.

So who is the looming figure in the preview?  He is a prominent character, one of two Reapers– and is commonly referred to as “Black Death”. But believe me, his name and appearance makes him out to be more menacing than he is.

Because this is a very ambitious project for me, being my first go at making my own illustrated story, I will be taking my time, creating the concept art and building the story while learning to storyboard prior to making the interior illustrations. Overall though, my goal is to have a finished product, by sometime next year.  Of course, all my process work, leading up to it, will be shared here, so feel free to follow along 🙂

Also, since some of the work I do is a collaborative effort, I will be giving credit where it’s due. So, a big thank you to graphic designer Zygona for vectoring the title logo I designed, and for compositional guidance!

More concept arts coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy!


All art associated with Mori, by Beagifted is protected by copyright law– and is not to be used or sold except for by original artist: Bea Jackson.

Thank you.