Thursday Evening Post

set and reach goal concept

What do I always tell myself when the going gets rough? A challenge aint a challenge unless it’s a challenge. This week, I’ve been having a lot of those days where I wake up, and all I want to do is go back to sleep…and then I do it, wake up again….annnnd back to sleep. So, my energy is pretty shot right about now, just being honest! Even so, I made a commitment to myself, and to this blog to post on Mondays and Thursdays.

I dont always know what I’m going to say, sometimes circumstances get in the way, but by golly this girl is gonna find something to post to share with you guys! Like Will Rogers said– “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” so lets get into this thing!

It’s always been a clear goal of mine when I made this blog to use it as a means to give back to other creative thinkers and artists, so I’ve been making an effort in siting my sources of inspiration, as of way of giving credit where it’s due. Not only that, I want to give back to other bloggers, and share their art, their poetry, writings, quotes– share what it means to me, how it inspired me, how it can inspire you, and just generally help them shine. Eeeeeasier said than done though. There’s a lot of background work to be considered– like finding the artists, and knowing HOW to feature them. Ultimately, I don’t want to “half-a$$” it. I love artists, I respect the work they do, so it’s worth the effort to do it right. So, again I’m taking my time to find the artist, study their work, what I like about it, and I’m building a structure that I can use to feature their work on.

Some of you who follow my blog, may be more experienced at it than me, so I welcome you to give me some tips, share your opinions on what you might like to see in the features. I’m more than happy to learn and grow from you :D.

With that said, it’s March, which means it’s time for another update of–
*dons game show voice*

What’s Bea Up To This Month!!

Got a few projects going on- working on a lot of art that you guys will be seeing later! But I got my lineup of poeple who were kind enough to lend their lovely portraits for my learning pleasure! That’s right, Imma about to start paintin yall’s faces!!

In other news, I was fortunate enough to get tickets to what will be my first journey to one of the biggest comic conventions out there….San Diego Comicon! And this girl, will be showing her art, which means that for the next couple of months, I will be building my portfolio. It’s a lot of work…yeeees the journey will be tough! But I’m in my grey sweats, and that rocky theme music is playin, and pretty soon Imma be like this!


only, not topless and not beat up… I’m a lady…You get the picture!
Anywho, it’s always a pleasure sharing the posts with you, so, till Monday, Enjoy!

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