Sketchbook Exclusive: Forgotten Arts and Bea’s Day Out!

Hey guys! Bea here, ready to tell you about new stuffs, and to bring you arts of mine that never saw the light of day!

aka, old arts that never got finished and/or were deemed not good enough to share by my younger self >_<

I’ve been making conscious efforts to break that terrible habit of mine of always wanting my stuff to be of a certain standard before I consider it “presentable”, so I started Sketchbook Exclusives as a means to share my “less than polished” work, like doodles, rough sketches, speed paints, and old unfinished stuff.

In addition to that, I’ve also been trying to new ways to break out of my comfort zone, by spending less time in front of the screen, since most my work is digital, and more time in my sketchbook. This just so happened to result in me and Justin going out on the town where we engaged in a series of fun sketch challenges that I came up with on the spot. It was so fun in fact, we both agreed that we should do it again!

The challenges were simple, but difficult to execute as our “models” were people who were briskly walking by.

Anyway! we started with 30 second drawings where we’d pick our subject (who was usually moving), set the phone on the timer,  and try to draw them in 30 seconds flat.The results? Laughable, as we both quickly realized how rusty we are!

The second challenge was a fun 60 second game of I Spy, where instead of drawing moving subject, we’d pick something stationary, like a lamp post, a tree, or a building– draw it in 60 seconds, and then compare. Much easier than drawing fast moving people lol!

The third challenge was a tricky one, because it had all to do with Memory! The goal was to look around, find something that caught our eye, memorize it, and then draw it without looking again. When the 60 seconds were up, we’d compare our drawings and see how much we got right.  This one was really funny because we both ended up drawing things that we imagined were there, but wern’t, like windows on buildings that had none, or writing what we thought the name of things were, which, as it turned out, we were wrong. Very fun!

In fact, we loved it so much, we upped the ante in the 4th challenge by giving ourselves 1 minute to memorize our view from where we were sitting, and 4 minutes to draw it from memory. The results were hilarious!

Even though the drawings we made  in each of these challenges were not our finest work, I really wanted to share them, but my my pencil lines were so faint, they just didn’t translate in the photos I took. We didn’t exactly go out with the intention of drawing , so we were using things we found to draw with instead of nice set of art supplies.

No matter though! There will be a next time, and I will be prepared with sketches, AND photos for comparison, in a category of posts I’d like to call Bea’s Day Out! Coming soon to a blog near you…I’m talking about this one…This blog. Mines.

Now about those arts, ehh??

Nothing new, in fact, both of these are old, one in particular by at least 4 years, so lets start with that one!


Maybe you recognize her, maybe you don’t,  but she’s the lovely songstress from the very bloody and gory tale of Repo! The Genetic Opera. She is know as  “Blind Mag”, and is my favorite character from the movie.

If you’re not familiar with Repo, it’s a story about a world where organ failure has become an epidemic, kind of like a dystopian future, where people must rely on GeneCo for organ transplants which are “loaned” to them. In the event someone fails to make their payments, a Repo Man in sent to collect, usually resulting in said person’s demise. I’m not a huge fan of gore, which there is a lot of, but the story was very entertaining in my opinion. Defiantly something out of the norm!

as an added note– the performance that inspired the fan art that never got finished

That brings us to our second piece of forgotten arts, which is actually the original concept sketch for my May Monthly Collectible Illustration featuring the Selkie Siren.


I really enjoyed this one, but I was running such a tight schedule at that time, preparing for SDCC, that I only drew enough to get an idea of what I needed.

In the meantime, I’m currently working on finishing a painting that was commissioned of the Mother Mary, which will be done in a few days, as I get back on track with my Monday Evening Post, so, look out!

Been fun sharing these with you all, thank you for reading!  till next time, Enjoy!

Day 15

Paying it Forward

Some of you may know that I’ve been taking the blogging 101 course. While reading up on yesterdays assignment, fellow blogger Dancing Echoes talked about paying it forward. Upon searching through a few more blog posts, I stumbled upon Ms. Kemani’s article titled “The Return”.

Kemani’s post struck me, in that it talked about having a new mindset, by learning to appreciate and accept what you’re blessed with, and being positive with an open mind to the world around you. I’m very excited for her, so I decided to do what Ms. Dancing Echoes mentioned, by paying it forward and dedicating today’s post and today’s sketch to Ms. Kemani. It’s titled “Acceptance”

When I asked Kemani what was it that sparked her change, she answered that she learned to accept herself, flaws and all. The challenge was– how do I draw acceptance? It isn’t easy! I spent a lot of time thinking of how I could bring that one word to life, and after much thought, I imagined how we see ourselves (reflection), and our youth– How when we’re young, in my opinion, it’s easier to love ourselves in most cases because we hadn’t learn what to dislike about ourselves, so it’s easier to be embrace who we are. So tying in with Kimani’s post, it’s about  The Return– to how we were in our youth, more loving, more accepting of ourselves.

Thank you Kimani for your inspiring post, and Dancing Echoe’s for your suggestion.  Enjoy!

Dear Dream Reader

If there’s one thing you and I have in common it’s our appreciate for the arts. Visual, Liberal, Theatrical– all that good stuff! We have fun, using what inspires us to be creative in our own ways. What I love most though, is how you challenge me to give of myself more. You showed me that opinions matter, yours and mine, and we can share those opinions with the world. Quid pro quo! as the great Hannibal Lector said!
So lets you and I have fun with this thing called blogging! Lets say whats on our mind, comment and open discussions with each other, talk about art and all it’s facets, and encourage and inspire each other to be better artists ourselves!

Who am I, and Why am I Here

Blogging is a new experience for me, and I’m learning that there is much to learn, so I took it upon myself to sign up for Blogging 101, and as my assignment today, I’m to introduce myself, who I am, and why I’m here.
Well, to put it simply, I’m a shy girl, especially when it comes to sharing my work, ideas and opinions. Or as my friends put it, I’m listener, but not much of a sharer. I don’t say that to mean that I’m selfish, though I can be when it comes to things like, food n stuff, but that I don’t like sharing whats inside of me, even though I have a lot to give.
Fear is a huge part of that. being afraid that I’ll step on someone’s toes, or be unjustly criticized, or just being afraid to be– uninhibited, allowing people to see me in my rawest form. With that said, at the same time, I don’t like to be dominated by my fears or insecurities. So I’m blogging– to break the barrier, and introduce myself to the world.
With this blog I intend to share my work, and inspirations, and also to be inspired by other bloggers, artists and writers. This is a labor of love for me, and If I’m successful, which I will make every effort to be, my hope is that by next year, I will not only have a solid portfolio, but a progressive sketch blog, with a following, where I can share my work, share the works of others, have open discussions and in some way, give back to the blogging community. I don’t expect this will be easy, but a journey well worth taking.