Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here, and I bring you arts!

Commission arts, to be exact!

sketchosSpreadSo all of These character sketches/designs are finally complete! In fact, I finished them about a week ago, and intended it for an earlier post, but I was so busy running around I barely spent any solid time at home. Now that things have settled down, I’m able to share– but instead of revealing all the characters at once, I’ll focus on one a day– Starting with The Lithik!


Just as a reminder, all of these characters were requested by, and are the property of Seth Chiasson and were designed according to his specifications for his own use.

That said, the Lithik, as Seth explained is a race of giants that are about 9 feet tall, fair toned, and human-like in appearance. I was given some creative freedom, in that he allowed me to choose which sex the character design would be in. Since the majority of them are male, I went with female.

Also, Seth wanted the character designs to focus more on the shape and form of their bodies,so his request was that clothing was to be minimal or at the very least, form fitting. Nothing to big or bulky to the point of being a distraction,thus her simplistic design was born!

Since I kept Seth informed at all the stages of development in designing each character– I decided to take those and make little animations of the process to share with you guys!

sketchos5-animationStay tuned as I reveal each character design! and, more Inktober sketches coming soon 😀

Till next time, Enjoy!