Love & Starbucks

Hey guys! Bea here!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season– and if not, as I know this time of year can be tough for many, may it turn around for you, that you find joy in it, to make up for whatever bad there may have been :).

So, Lets talk the holidays, coffee and sketches!


There’s a reason for the intro– Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the holiday season…eeeeeeeeeever since the time I worked in retail. Why? Well, in my experience, it’s the one time of year when people can be their most materialistic , and when people can act the most ugly to others, while trying to do good by their families.

It’s a stressful time of year for some people, and often, stress can bring out the worst in a person, leading them to take their frustrations out on the people who are putting in, or ringing up their purchases, serving their food, or coffee, and even their fellow shoppers who simply want to give to their families too.

I’ve worked many holiday seasons,  and despite my efforts to make sure the customer experience is a good one, I know what it feels like to be verbally battered, threatened, called out my name, or flat out offended by people who are upset if they can’t get what they want, or if things aren’t going their way.

So to those who know this experience, my heart goes out to you- and for those who don’t, please be mindful and considerate of those you meet. It’s the holidays! Whether you celebrate or not, lets enjoy the season for it’s intended purpose– which is to bring people together, in peace, and joy, even if it’s just for a little while lol.

Phew! Now that, that is off my chest, I’m glad to share this sketch with you, while also announcing how much I loooove Starbucks. My friends know this– and understand that I am so passionate about my favorite lattes and frapps, that I have invested time and money into learning how to duplicate them at home. I’m also the type of person to go out of my way, to make frequent visits to Starbucks, just to try a specialty drink a day, whenever they have them. It’s that serious >_<;


So, while I was sitting in Starbucks recently with Justin, enjoying my drank, I decided to draw the lovely twin tailed Siren.

To tell you a bit about who she is, in case you’re interested, Here is a quote from

“In a search for a way to capture the seafaring history of coffee and Seattle’s strong seaport roots, there was a lot of poring over old marine books going on. Suddenly, there she was: a 16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid, or Siren. There was something about her – a seductive mystery mixed with a nautical theme that was exactly what the founders were looking for. A logo was designed around her, and our long relationship with the Siren began.” Steve M., senior writer

Of course, there are theories that refute this claim, and even suggest that the twin tailed mermaid is a creature of a malicious, and sexual nature. If it’s true, I don’t mind one bit! I’ve been a fan of mermaids ever since Disney introduced them to me, but as I got older, and found out more about them, I was seduced by the idea of their true nature– of being beautiful, but evil creatures.

This is a sketch of course, so, not finished, but I have some ideas on how to go about it, and it starts with these-



I wasn’t expecting much of anything for Christmas this year. In fact, I usually don’t– but this year especially. I’ve had to take on a lot of responsibilities this year, and the financial burdens that come with them, while going through changes, and dealing with health issues, so I told my friends that I wont be shopping this year, because I had obligations to meet, which yay, I met them!  So unless it was something I could cook or make, I wasn’t going to be exchanging gifts. They know what’s been going on with me, and they all really surprised me.

Please be aware, I’m the easiest person to shop for. You can buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks or give me a candy bar, and I will be as happy as can be, because honestly it’s the thought that counts. But among the many things my friends got for me– I received a set of Windsor Watercolor Markers, and a bigger set of brush tip Watercolor Markers imported from Japan, which I can tell you, neither one is cheap, a gift card for more art supplies, and Starbucks pen, which I will be rocking’ faithfully. All in all, my friends didn’t have to go all out, but they did. I’m so grateful, and I can’t wait to put these gifts into use.

So, I will be combining my love of coffee with my love of art– by finishing this sketch, among others, in watercolor, using the supplies that were gifted to me. I’m not used to them though, so it will require practice.

I’ve been having a ton of fun drawing this though, I like how it’s looking, and decided that once it’s done, I’ll have it printed on the back of a single custom made hoodie for myself, to show the world that I’m all about that coffee!

Well everyone, I hope you liked this post– more arts coming soon, and till next time, Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!






Character Sketch– The Grix

Hey guys! Bea here! And this time we have The Grix

sketchosSpread2Which is, a wooded faun-like creature 🙂

sketchos2Like the others, minimal clothing was requested, but to tell you a bit about the Grix, much of his design is inspired by the Faun in Pan’s Labyrinth, but intended to be a bit more human-like in appearance. As an added note– his horns are more like bark, with a hint of moss on them– so i decided to color the rest of him to resemble mossy wood.

Here’s a little animation showing his process 😀

sketchos2-animationTomorrow I’ll be taking a break from the character sketch posts, so that I may show you guys what i’ve been working on for inktober since Frankette– considering there are quite a few drawings underway!

Sorry this post is a bit breif– but that’s only because my computer decided to be annoying today and make everything hard on me and I need to shuts it doown >_<.

But, stay tuned, for tomorrow there will be more arts to see! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Character Sketches- The Cen

Hey Guys! Bea here,

with another character sketch from Seth’s Commission! Lets see– who on the spread shall it be?

sketchosSpread1The Cen!

sketchos1A little bit about the Cen, they are an amphibious/merfolk– Humanoid with thin fins which allow it to swim easier, and a skin similar to a trout or bass. They are also about 5ft tall

Seth was very good about describing how he wanted the Cen to look, down to every feature of his face, which is a plus because it makes designing a character so much easier!

Unlike all the other characters that were sketched out– The Cen is the only one that’s nude– and that’s only because he is an aquatic creature and clothes aren’t really practical.

As before, here’s a little animation showing the process, though his is shorter due to lack of clothes 🙂

sketchos1-animationStay tuned tomorrow to see who we reveal next 😀

Till next time, Enjoy!

Character Design- Moon

Hey Guys! Bea here, bringing you more arts to share!

bippidy1I wanted to show a higher resolution with, with animation– but adobe picked a fight with me, annnd I lost lol Or rather just got tired and gave up! Stupid updates– blame them!

So, about this one– well he is paired with sky as the male character design I sketched out.


He is a moon and water spirit, and Much like her, I took a lot of inspiration from Miyazaki, referencing Haku from Spirited Away, the Spirit of the Forrest in Princess Mononoke and Yue from Nickelodeon’s Avatar.

Designing Sky was easy.- he on the other hand, was not. I had a lot of trouble working out a concept for him that I felt worked, going through at least ten changes before coming across this one. Basically what I look for is balance,  in the the amount of skin that shows, the color, ect so it feels well weighted, and that’s what was hard to achieve.

Hopefully Adobe will be behaving well enough that i may share another piece of art with you later 😀 Also, I still have one slot open on my commission list, so hit me up if you’re interested!

Till next time, Enjoy!

Character Designs- Sky

Hey Guys! Bea here! Sorry to have missed the Monday evening post, but I wasn’t feeling quite well so I chose to stay in bed that day. But, today is a new day, and I has arts to share– and will be sharing arts all throughout the week! So, lets get started!


This was a quick character sketch, loose enough to get the idea down, but the theme I was working with was Native American, and Fantasy.

As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of Hayo Miyazaki’s work, so I decided to do a Native American version of Princess Mononoke, crossed over with the goddess Artemis- Thus, Sky was born!

Another thing to note about these character sketches is that I draw most elements of the clothing on separate layers, so I can swap out and change the pieces individually until I come across a design I like enough to run with. In case you’re curious, I added a little animation to show my process starting from my original sketch from my sketchbook, to the one you see above 🙂


On a side note, lately things have been a bit tough for me. I suffer from chronic bronchitis and recently I’ve been having a series of attacks, off and on. It’s a condition I’m used to, but for some reason it just got really bad to the point where I’ve spent many days just struggling to breath. It could be the weather, dander, of certain bug bites, which are common triggers for me, but it makes functioning very difficult, and leaves me exhausted. Fortunately I found some stuff that works for me, that I’ve begun to take consistently, so I’m glad to say that I’m in a state of recovery. I’m still just a bit tired, thus, I’m short for words today >_<

Stay tuned though! More arts coming soon 😀 till next time, Enjoy!

Constellation Girl

The girl who touched the stars finally has a name!

Introducing: Estelle


It’s been such a long time since I’ve made mention of her, so in case it was forgotten, Estelle is the girl in my first banner illustration for this blog, which was a painting I did to test how much I’d learned after completing my 30 day sketch challenge back in January.

BannerBlog1a brief caption from that post “January 1st, I took a challenge– to draw every day for 30 days. I was not prepared to do it, I just know I wanted to do it, to kick start the new year. It wasn’t a major accomplishment in comparison to other challenges, but for me, it was. The truth is, I don’t draw much…I always wished I did…I wish I had more time to draw freely, to learn and grow and become a better artist. But Life and obligations typically get in the way. So when I was given a month to relax, I decided I’d take that time and be productive and do the thing I always wished I could. I’d draw. So to follow up with my challenge, I combined everything I learned in thirty days, into a finished painting that gives life to the idea that we all can reach our goals– and with each one, we can touch the stars of our dreams.”

This simple illustration sparked a lot of discussion between not only my friends and family, but also with some of the people who’ve been watching me through this whole process. I made friends, I gained motivation, I’m still going strong, and Estelle is a reminder of that.

So, a month after creating this illustration, I decided to test my skill again with a painting of Estelle to mark my growth,

Preview1but because of SDCC, and portfolio prep, she was one of many personal projects of mine that hit the back burner. that is until I stumbled upon a different sketch I did of her– the one at the beginning of this post.  Now I know it sounds weird– me stumbling across art I did, as if I forgot I ever drew them, but I juggle so much with my day job, and commission work, that many of the illustrations or sketches I start for myself, get lost in the mayhem.

Now as promised in my last post of Estelle, I’d tell you a bit more about her. Her name means Star, and she is technically the embodiment of many interests I have, and an homage to things that inspire and influence me, as an artist.  For example, Japanese animation is very near and dear to my heart. I love anime, especially the ones I grew up on, so I decided to draw Estelle in such a way that she resembles anime and a Japanese woman. Much like me when I was younger, Estelle has a very bubbly personality and an overactive imagination, aka she can literally get lost in the wonder of her dreams. Because of this, Estelle sees the world differently than most and imagines that her dreams and goals in life are stars, bound up in a sea of constellations waiting to be reached, and what she sees is so real to her, she could touch them. In terms of looks, she has a bouncy/playful hairstyle, big brown doe-like eyes, a quirky smile, and has 7 beauty marks/freckles– forming a mini constellation across her face, neck, and chest.

Estelle wont be attached to any particular narrative, but I will draw her from time to time, to mark my growth, so each time you see her, she may look  a bit different as my style improves!

That said, look forward to seeing more of Estelle! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Gardening Tips from your Friendly Reaper

ReaperSo, Zy and I were having an interesting conversation– Maybe you’ll enjoy it 😀

Bea: I miss you! *grabby handz* and I drew little reapers of you today…but they’re just incoherent scribbles >_<

Zygona: I wanna seeee

Bea: they are really crappy scribbles. It’s like, a square here and a circle there, and a few squiggly doodads– looks like spagetty but I know what’s there!!

Zygona: so *whines while making grabby hands *

Bea: fine ill show you my crappy drawings…

Zygona: YAY! I was ’bout to pull the sad puppy fayce on you

Bea: here! My squiggly doodads!! lets see if you can make out what’s going ondodads

Zygona:…watering a dead plant

Bea: yes, yes you are watering a dead plant…

Zygona: the ones on a swing outside with a house–

Bea: No, no swing.  that’s a tree!! can’t you tell how obvious it is that it’s a tree?!

Zygona: ttly looks like a swing there on the top right hand side– looks like a swing, and your roots are a seat

Bea: shushers you! there is a story behind these doodads!!

I wont lie, most of my actual sketchbook is made of squiggly doodads, but in this case, I decided to take it a little bit further, thus arts were born! Totally legible arts! By the way, there is a story behind this sketch– more to be revealed in time!

Just a simple lighthearted post 😀 Till next time, Enjoy!