Sketchbook Exclusives- Inktober Concepts

Hey guys! Bea here, and this time, we have Inktober concepts!

Just a little note– The sketches I’m showing are a cross between traditional and digital– which came about when I moved pencil drawings in my sketch book to my computer to play around with layout, and ideas (mostly because I value my paper, and I’ve already scribbled through a enough pages fleshing things out)– So all the sketches you’ll be seeing today are not my final ink drawings, but instead, references that I printed out for myself after I finished toying with them on the computer.

By the way, my camera kinda sucks so they aren’t the sharpest shots, and I took them all a bit slanted to hide some details, but, lets get started!

inPrin3The concept here is, instead of leading mice away from the city, this pied piper leads a slew of monsters/demons into your dreams. I drew this at least 4 times before I came to my final composition, mostly because I couldn’t figure out what angle I wanted to show the piper in. And due to the amount of detail I anticipate will be in it, I’ve had to do quite a bit of research. By far though, He’s my favorite 😀

I know a lot of different people come to my blog, so, I like to give warnings if, and when I’m posting something a bit NSFW. That said, this next one is a bit racy, so, avert your eyes if you feel the need too. Just know, you’ve been warned!

inPrin2Like all of these, I took the photo in a way that it hides some of the details,but, just think Vampire! Like Piper, this one went through quite a few revisions. The poses are very difficult to draw, for one, but originally this started as a phantom of the opera concept that just seemed better suited as you see it now…for practical reasons o.o. I actually drew this entirely in pencil and was ready to ink too, but then I realized that the perspective the girl on top made nooooo sense lol. Only after making some extra muddy sketches and pulling out my 3d software to pose some figures for to get a reference, was I able to get the concept right. So far– this one has been the hardest one to do.

And last– but, not intended to be least, we have Me, Bea! dressed up for Halloween 😀

inPrin1Looking back on my life, I’ve come to the sad realization that I have never had– or owned a Halloween costume….nope– not ever. I’ve dressed up for Halloween in random sheets, at the most, but never had a real costume. This year is no different. Didn’t have one– so when Zygona asked me what I’d be, I said I’d be Bea!

We had a few events that we were going too, so after getting dressed, I looked in the mirror– then at the mascara on the counter, then in the mirror– and then I started drawing on mah face!

Long story short, I put on a little makeup, did my hair up in two little buns atop my head to look like cat ears, painted my finger nails black, wore my stones and several necklaces, a long dress, leather boots, a black coat– and showed up and was like “Hey guys! I’m a black cat- witch, thing, person!!”

Overall, I really liked my get up, I thought it was cool, so I decided to draw myself wearing it for Inktober!

Before I close out this post, there is another drawing I started for inktober, which features yours truly *bats eyelashes* , however I’m saving for a later post, once I have time to complete it the way I envision it.

inkpen1That’s it for today folks! Some of my final Inktober sketches might come a bit late, but Just wanted to share what’s goin’ on in my humble sketchbook!

More posts featuring Seth’s Character Designs coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Sketchbook Exclusive: Recovery

Hey Guys! Bea here, bringing you a forgotten classic from my gallery!


Forgiveness- 1st

This is another old one, from as far back as 2008, and was one of the three Illustrations I did for the first stage of L Ron Hubbard’s Illustrators of the Future Contest, and was one of my first best digital paintings at that time, right along with the other two.

The story behind this one can be pieced together by the various clues left behind, but, it’s about a young man who lost his little sister due to a drunk driving accident, and even though he wasn’t responsible for her death, he always blamed himself for not being able to prevent it. What he doesn’t  know, is that her spirit is there, trying to let him know it’s okay, even though she knows he can’t see her.

One thing I’d like to point out, which is funny to me when I look through some of my old stuff, is that I happen to notice trends. In any work I’ve done that has an association with life and death, I always include either a little blue butterfly or in Mori’s case, a blue bird. So when I was looking at this, and I noticed the little butterfly that I forgot I painted, it just made me step back and say– wow, what’s up with me and butterflies and death >_<;

Speaking of which, here is another illustration I did– featuring a familiar butterfly blue

MybuttetflybigMy Butterfly

This is a  bit different, in that it shows a familiar butterfly that a girl notices– the big one towards the right. She follows it with her gaze– chases it, and runs into a boy who catches it. He opens his palm and they both admire it’s beauty–and in that moment, their love blossoms. They grow up, get married, love each other, and have a children of their own– all as this strange butterfly appears throughout their lives. Then her husband grows ill, and she’s left a widow, with 3 loving children at her side…further down the line, she’s an old woman, carrying along, when the familiar butterfly comes to greet her once again.

An Honorable mention for the butterfly theme– Chasma (property of Bea Jackson)

Some of you may recall me mentioning that I’m in the process of working on a short illustrated Story called Mori–hash1

Which is a story dealing with the concept of- death and acceptance. Before Mori, there was Chasma, which followers a similar concept, but is more defined, and deals with people in a coma, caught in a limbo of sorts, between life and death.


Ironically– and again this was by no planning of my own, The girl in this story is very similar to the one in Forgiveness, in that she too was caught in an accident, only instead of dying, she was severely injured which leaves her in a coma.

The simplest explanation I can give for this story, is that while in a coma, she’s carried into this strange world of limbo, by her Spirit butterfly.


Char-Shy1She is then greeted by a guide, aka, a reaper, who deals specifically with souls that haven’t been able to move on, or visitors, aka, people in prolonged comas, like herself. Through him, she meets several other individuals in his troupe which consist of a fallen soul, a lost soul, a free spirit, and another visitor, like herself.

ChasmaReally basic sketches for me to remember the characters by 😀

If I do ever get to a point where I can bring Chasma into existence, it will likely be in the form of a graphic novel/comic since it’s story is far more expansive than Mori is, but it has definitely been on my mind for years.

On a side note, I’d like to take a moment to explain the erm, Title of this Post lol

I’ve had a really sucky month, as far as health is concerned. I spent weeks struggling with my bronchitis, and not long after recovery from that, thank goodness, something else happened. I’m not too keen on saying what it was, but my mom knew about it, I had her watching me to make sure I was okay especially since I was in a lot of pain and discomfort and was beginning to develop a fever.  So, drawing has been hard, which is also why I’m sharing a lot of older works, but I was going to ride it out, at least till Monday. I didn’t make it till Monday though lol, and my mom rushed me to urgent care after she heard me hollering in pain in my sleep. The visit to the doctor wasn’t fun, I had a minor surgery, I’m on some meds, and  lets just say, I’m feeling waaaaay better than I did this morning lol.

I love to draw, you guys know that, so creating art isn’t just about posting here with you guys, it’s something i do that makes me happy, clears my head and is a very fun and enjoyable experience for me, and when I can’t do it, or at least as much, for reasons as mentioned above, it brings me down, but I’m excited now, because I’m confident I can get back into it, full force, very soon:D and it’s also exciting to know that I can share it with you guys, and go in deep with my posts, like this one, since I have the energy to do it now.

So, thank you guys, for all your support!  More new arts coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Sketchbook Exclusive- Fairy Tales

Hey guys! Bea here, ready to share more arts with you– and in this case, more old sketches for Illustrations I hope to make very soon!

Introducing– the Twisted Fairy Tales sketches!

TinkerbellPeterpanLike many young girls, I was introduced to fairytales through Disney– with some of my favorite films being The LIttle Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast  and Peter pan.  But, when I got older, the neat little happy endings in movies stopped working for me as much, so you can imagine how fascinated I was when I realized that the original tale to many of these stories were a lot darker than the Disney versions. So– about five years ago, I decided I wanted to do a series of illustrations focusing on the dark side of some of these fairytales, by either reinventing them in my own way, or paying homage to the originals.

That said, lets take a look at the first sketch! Tinkerbell and Peterpan.This sketch is very old, so I don’t know exactly what was going on in my head when I drew it lol, but I can say it’s a concept I want to finish and what comes to mind now when I see it. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to be “forever young”. The young want to stay beautiful and the old long for the days of their youth, as it were. But, life can be tragic in the real world, and eventually the “fairy dust” looses its effect. At least that’s what happened to Pan here.

Speaking of staying beautiful–Snow White


This sketch doesn’t follow the same format as many of the others you’ll see, but one thing that is highly emphasized in Disney princess movies is, well… beauty. But, what happens when those princesses start to lose their good looks? In a weird way, I always thought of the wicked queen and Snow white herself as kinda the same person. Of course we never get to see the evil queen in her young days, but, the mirror suggests that she was fairest at one point, right? Like, maybe once upon a time she was beautiful–  sweet and innocent too, and if that were the case, I bet she got a lot of attention for it, much like Snow White does. But, she couldn’t stay young forever, so she kind of sold her soul to find ways to get back what she lost, and became wicked and bitter in the process. Whose to say, The even queen isn’t a…reflection of what Snow White could become? And if so, what measures would Snow White take in a modern day to keep her youthful looks?

Taking a step back, after seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, I tried to see Snow White from a different angle.


Some of you may know it, but in this version of the story, Snow White fights the queen and wins…but all the same, I still see the two as kinda one person– at least in spirit.  Wouldn’t killing the queen, in essence, make her un-pure? What if, in shedding the queen’s blood, that darkness passes on to her…what if all of this is some game on the mirror’s part? Either way, Snow White is an interesting one because I can entertain so many ideas with it!

The last one I’ll share with you today is the sketches I did for Little Mermaid– 3 in total, which kinda tells the story of the different approaches I was going at it from. You’ll have to forgive the roughness of the first one cuz i was experimenting with a different medium lol


This was my first little mermaid sketch, which  i decided to be as traditional as possible with it, showing that mermaids, though beautiful, weren’t as innocent as Ariel, so, instead of loving a man, she preyed upon one. This concept was a bit too straight forward, so I took another approach–


If you’re not familiar with the original story of the Little Mermaid, when the Prince falls in love and marries the other woman, the mermaid is given a choice. She could either stab the prince, and let his blood fall on her feet or fin, breaking her bond to the witch, allowing her to return to the sea with her sisters, oooooooor, turn to sea foam and basically die. In the original verson, The mermaid chooses to spare the Prince’s life, because she loves him too much to shed his blood. In this one, the mermaid makes the opposite choice and her sisters are all there rooting for. Why Did I do this? Well, mermaid are sirens– and I wanted to combine their true nature with the love story. So in essence, instead of dying, The mermaid becomes what she was born to be. She becomes like her sisters.

goldfish23Ironically the two sketches kinda tell a story. In this version,the little mermaid, whose heart has been blackened, sits in the sunken ruins of the creatures she once loved, which could, quite possibly be the ruins of a ship that fell due to her and her sisters luring songs.

I know it seems a trend, considering the princesses all seem to get black hearts, but I can’t help it. I find the dark side interesting >_< Besides, I heard they have cookies!

Anyway, these were just early sketches of my 3 strongest concepts from the series. I do intend to tackle Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland, among others, when the ideas come for them.

Either way, I hope you liked this post, as you got to see some of the sketches I’ve kept hidden away for the most part!  More to come soon 😀 Till next time, Enjoy!

Sketchbook Exclusive: Forgotten Arts and Bea’s Day Out!

Hey guys! Bea here, ready to tell you about new stuffs, and to bring you arts of mine that never saw the light of day!

aka, old arts that never got finished and/or were deemed not good enough to share by my younger self >_<

I’ve been making conscious efforts to break that terrible habit of mine of always wanting my stuff to be of a certain standard before I consider it “presentable”, so I started Sketchbook Exclusives as a means to share my “less than polished” work, like doodles, rough sketches, speed paints, and old unfinished stuff.

In addition to that, I’ve also been trying to new ways to break out of my comfort zone, by spending less time in front of the screen, since most my work is digital, and more time in my sketchbook. This just so happened to result in me and Justin going out on the town where we engaged in a series of fun sketch challenges that I came up with on the spot. It was so fun in fact, we both agreed that we should do it again!

The challenges were simple, but difficult to execute as our “models” were people who were briskly walking by.

Anyway! we started with 30 second drawings where we’d pick our subject (who was usually moving), set the phone on the timer,  and try to draw them in 30 seconds flat.The results? Laughable, as we both quickly realized how rusty we are!

The second challenge was a fun 60 second game of I Spy, where instead of drawing moving subject, we’d pick something stationary, like a lamp post, a tree, or a building– draw it in 60 seconds, and then compare. Much easier than drawing fast moving people lol!

The third challenge was a tricky one, because it had all to do with Memory! The goal was to look around, find something that caught our eye, memorize it, and then draw it without looking again. When the 60 seconds were up, we’d compare our drawings and see how much we got right.  This one was really funny because we both ended up drawing things that we imagined were there, but wern’t, like windows on buildings that had none, or writing what we thought the name of things were, which, as it turned out, we were wrong. Very fun!

In fact, we loved it so much, we upped the ante in the 4th challenge by giving ourselves 1 minute to memorize our view from where we were sitting, and 4 minutes to draw it from memory. The results were hilarious!

Even though the drawings we made  in each of these challenges were not our finest work, I really wanted to share them, but my my pencil lines were so faint, they just didn’t translate in the photos I took. We didn’t exactly go out with the intention of drawing , so we were using things we found to draw with instead of nice set of art supplies.

No matter though! There will be a next time, and I will be prepared with sketches, AND photos for comparison, in a category of posts I’d like to call Bea’s Day Out! Coming soon to a blog near you…I’m talking about this one…This blog. Mines.

Now about those arts, ehh??

Nothing new, in fact, both of these are old, one in particular by at least 4 years, so lets start with that one!


Maybe you recognize her, maybe you don’t,  but she’s the lovely songstress from the very bloody and gory tale of Repo! The Genetic Opera. She is know as  “Blind Mag”, and is my favorite character from the movie.

If you’re not familiar with Repo, it’s a story about a world where organ failure has become an epidemic, kind of like a dystopian future, where people must rely on GeneCo for organ transplants which are “loaned” to them. In the event someone fails to make their payments, a Repo Man in sent to collect, usually resulting in said person’s demise. I’m not a huge fan of gore, which there is a lot of, but the story was very entertaining in my opinion. Defiantly something out of the norm!

as an added note– the performance that inspired the fan art that never got finished

That brings us to our second piece of forgotten arts, which is actually the original concept sketch for my May Monthly Collectible Illustration featuring the Selkie Siren.


I really enjoyed this one, but I was running such a tight schedule at that time, preparing for SDCC, that I only drew enough to get an idea of what I needed.

In the meantime, I’m currently working on finishing a painting that was commissioned of the Mother Mary, which will be done in a few days, as I get back on track with my Monday Evening Post, so, look out!

Been fun sharing these with you all, thank you for reading!  till next time, Enjoy!

Sketchbook Exclusive- Siamese Swan Lake

Hey guys! Bea here! Bringing you another Sketchbook Exclusive!


Concept:  Character Concept Art for Facebook’s Character Design Challenge

Theme: The Traveling Circus/ Siamese twins performing Swan Lake

Inspirational Music:

It’s highly likely that with the time I have left, I wont be able to complete this character concept art for the challenge, but even so I’d like to share it here as it is a piece I intend to finish at a later date 🙂

Originally when I started to piece this design together, I tried to think of a circus show I’d pay to see– and I thought, Siamese twins, that would be cool! Oh and maybe they should be doing something acrobatic or some kind of dance that requires precision and balance. Mirrors. Think mirrors– as if the sisters are mirroring each other *sketchity sketch sketch*   Okay, now costumes, what should they wear? Hrm….Tutu…ballet shoes…..*sketch sketch*…What if— What if made one look sad and the other confident? What if….one is the black swan and the other the white swan from Swan Lake? That would totes make sense because they are like two half’s of one whole kinda *Sketchity sketch*

And there you have it! A brief window into my brain!

I’ve never seen Swan Lake in person, but I’ve always been fascinated by it, since I was introduce to the story by….Princess Tutu

A gem of an anime I stumbled upon some years back, which, believe it or not is one of my all time favorite animes now. Black Swan with Natalie Portman was also a huge inspiration in the thought process  as that movie captured the idea very well, in how mirrors were used to reflects the different swans.

Another thing that drew me to this idea is my love of comparing blacks and whites in my art. I love seeing the two clash in some way or form  so it gave me another excuse to do it.  Pretty soon I’ll enough pieces like these that I can make a series out of them lol!

I do hope I can finish it on time, I have quite a few things that come before it, but even if I can’t it was fun to get started and certainly something I look forward to finishing.

Anywho, Hope you liked this sketchbook exclusive, and maybe even found something nice to look into. As for me, I think I’ll go binge watch Princess Tutu again for the millionth time >_<

Till next time, Enjoy!

Sketchbook Exclusive- Mori

hash1Hey guys! I’ve been hard at work for the past few days, getting several projects started, and among them is Mori, a short story of my very own that I am writing, designing and illustrating, and I’m here to share this small preview of a work in progress!

I wont be giving much away in terms of the story, at least not yet, but to be brief, the name itself means “To Die” In Latin, and it’s about the relationship a human shares with death- both in a literal sense, and in the way Death is personified throughout the story. While I’m currently in the early stages of creating the concept art, and overall look and feel of the story, I can say that it will be rich with lore, with a style that intermingles Victorian elegance, ancient Mexican traditions, and nature.

So who is the looming figure in the preview?  He is a prominent character, one of two Reapers– and is commonly referred to as “Black Death”. But believe me, his name and appearance makes him out to be more menacing than he is.

Because this is a very ambitious project for me, being my first go at making my own illustrated story, I will be taking my time, creating the concept art and building the story while learning to storyboard prior to making the interior illustrations. Overall though, my goal is to have a finished product, by sometime next year.  Of course, all my process work, leading up to it, will be shared here, so feel free to follow along 🙂

Also, since some of the work I do is a collaborative effort, I will be giving credit where it’s due. So, a big thank you to graphic designer Zygona for vectoring the title logo I designed, and for compositional guidance!

More concept arts coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy!


All art associated with Mori, by Beagifted is protected by copyright law– and is not to be used or sold except for by original artist: Bea Jackson.

Thank you.

Introducing- Sketchbook Exclusives

Hey guys! It’s been a while, but I’m back and I bring arts!

But before that, I’d like to tell you a bit more about it. The last time I had a month long break, I spent it by getting this blog off the ground with my 30 day sketch challenge. Now that things have settled down on my end, and I I’m starting another break, I decided to commit my free time to create sketches exploring some of the ideas I wish to turn into print-worthy illustrations.  I don’t have a set schedule for these, I’m pretty much taking my time to work out my ideas, but you can expect multiple posts a week featuring these exclusive sketches that I will only be posting here, on my blog, for you guys to enjoy!

Because this is a learning process and a challenge for me to exercise my creativity, and get out of my comfort zone,  I will be documenting each sketch/illustration closely through it’s different stages, while sharing what I’ve learned so you can follow along 🙂

To start things off, I decided that a fairly light-hearted illustration would be a good way to break the ice- as it were, and warm me up before tackling my more complicated ideas.

With that said, my first Sketchbook Exclusive iiiis–


Concept:  When a Dove and Crow meet
Inspiration: JC Lyendecker
Reference Material:

I’m sure it’s obvious this is my primary reference, lol Jc Lyendecker is one of my favorite artists, right alongside Norman Rockwell, so I decided to make this illustration/sketch more of a tribute to his work.

To tell you a little bit about these characters– Crow was a character I sketched back in January from a dream I had– where he was like a dark and mysterious spirit animal to me.


Dove is new– actually she came from one of the designs I did for Gaia Online, who originated as Canary- but turned into Dove- when it came down to her final design when it was time to pixel her.


For some reason, she made me think of Crow a lot, so I figured, what would it be like of these two characters just so happened to…meet? Thus the concept was born!

About the Characters:

Dove is a free spirit but also a caged bird, as referenced by the bars behind her, and the birdcage in the original concept.

Crow is physically free, but much more quiet and reserved– and in a sense, caged by his own inhibitions. They are total and complete opposites, and while Crow frees her from the bars imprisoning her, she frees him from the one inside him.

One thing I’d like to note about these exclusives is that I’m sharing my work in a less refined form, aka, these sketches are much looser than sketches you’ll find in my gallery. Basically my aim is to make sure the idea is there, and that it’s solid.

Anywho, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, there will be more in days to come as I share more ideas!

Also, for those designs that I have multiple sketches for, I may include a poll, so you can vote for your favorite concepts at your leisure 🙂

Till next time, Enjoy!