Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here, and I’m excited because it’s the month of Halloween!! *Throws hands up in air and screams*

October has to be, by far, my favorite month of the year. Why? Well it’s fall, which means I can layer up, everything is pumpkin flavored, I can eat stew and drink lattes, and bundle up with my dog when it’s cold, and there are wonderful things to look forward too, like, Halloween masquerades, and parties with board games and weird looking food– ANNND lets not forget– Inktober, for all the artists out there!

Don’t know what Inktober is? Well, it’s a time when artists all across the interwebs, draw daily sketches/drawings with pen and ink! Yep, good old traditional arts :). Lets just say, I’ve really been looking forward to this, but, as fate would have it, since the incident which landed me in Urgent care, and the healing process that followed, I’m a bit behind on works, BUT, I am glad to say, that after two weeks, I am in good health, I feel good, pain is gone, and my hands are busy, which means, I has arts to share!

All of the pieces I will be sharing today are commissions that are works in progress, that I intend to complete somewhere between this month, and early November. The sooner the better of course, so I’ve been busy πŸ™‚

The first WIP is a rough sketch for a book cover I’m Illustrating for Ms. Adrienne Rutherford, which is a story about a burlesque woman set in the 1920’s


There will be some composition changes to make better use of how everything is spaced, but the general idea is there– as the woman gets ready for her show. A huge inspiration for a lot of art I do, especially if it’s burlesque, is Dita Von Teese who I can honestly say, is a true artist of seduction in a way that she can be sexy, but very classy. It’s not there yet, but when I move beyond the sketch phase, It is my hope that I can channel that in my work πŸ™‚

The other Cover that I’ll be working on, is one that I showed before–


The author has requested some changes with this, one, to the title that I haven’t updated yet. Besides that,Β  there’s not much I can say about the story since he’d rather it be more of a mystery for now.

As some of you may recall, not too long ago, I made myself available to take up to 3 commissions. I got a few emails, and among those, was Mr. Chiasson. His request, however, was a bit outside the specifications of the commissions, in that he requested 6 original character designs. I agreed to work with him, but with the understanding that it would take more than a week to complete. This commission is still in process, but with his permission, I’m able to share with you, what I have so far.


A lot of planning goes into character design, so, to start I like to determine the pose and overall silhouette of the characters. Because each one specified was so different and unique, I created this spread to get an idea of the characters scale, in comparison to each other, in addition to the basic silhouette.

Once that phase was complete, I used the silhouettes to create nude-line arts of each of the characters.


Right now, there’s only four because the other two are in progress, but these will all be clothed and colored, and as a bonus, since I’m documenting my steps, animated individual showing the progress from start to finish. Overall, I love character design and it’s been a really fun project so far, and challenging too!

Two other sketches, that are currently in progress are more drawings of kitty cats– one of them, being another kitty from Katzenworld

But as you all can see, I’ve got a full plate, and this isnt’ even including the work that’s under NDA at the moment. I don’t know if I’ll get to partake in inktober as much as I want, but I will try, even if it’s one ink drawing a week or something lol.

Thank you for all your support, it’s gonna be a busy month, but more arts coming soon!

Till next time, Enjoy πŸ˜€


Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here!

About a week ago, I made myself available for commissions, while working on some old ones that I finally had time to finish, so, my fingers have been busy!Β  Unfortunately I can’t post all my progress, at least not without the okay from my commissioners, since I always consider their privacy before going gungho and posting everything I draw, but while that process is going, I’m finally able to share at least one of the older ones πŸ˜€


MaryPorcelain2This was actually an unpaid-commission that I offered as a prize in this trick or treat game I orchestrated for the Halloween Party Zygona and I hosted last year. The winner was a nice guy named Jon that I met, and it was his request that I do an illustration of the Virgin Mary.

I started this illustration very promptly, once he gave me the details. In fact, my early draft for this illustration was literally the first thing I posted on my blog- Go figure πŸ˜€


Some of you may also recall, a study I did, to help me figure out her pose, called Marble.


Lot’s changed since then lol! But, because I had to make plans for SDCC, I spoke with Jon, and he gave me the okay to focus on finishing the illustration after my return, which I think was to his benefit because my style improved a lot in that time span.

I have a few commissions on the roster that are coming due very soon, that I hope to get approval to post this week, and one of them, might even be a little racy lol, so, stay tuned!

Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here, bringing you more exclusive arts from deep within my old sketch gallery of stuff i never never showed πŸ˜€

You may have seen it in cartoons, especially in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove–Β  the two sides of the consciousness- of good and evil in a personified form.Β  Well, that’s sort of the concept here!

BIRTHThis was actually a rough/experimental illustration for a story I never fully developed, but what I can say is that it’s about a girl who inherits this antique box– and inside of it, there is a two toned pearl like stone. She doesn’t know what it is, but upon handling it, she awakens two small and ancient…creatures who have been sleeping inside of it. I hadn’t figured out what purpose they would serve in the story, if they would simply influence the girl, and try to use her in their own ways, oooor if their awakening is the birth of something more grand, but they are, in essence like Yin and Yang πŸ™‚

A brief post, but one of many this week, including some of the sketch commissions requested from last week πŸ˜€ Also, I’m apparently in this phase where I’m drawing a lot of night sky and stars and sparkly stuff, so expect a lot of that!

Stay tuned! Till next time, enjoy πŸ˜€

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here! The hiatus is officially over, and I bring you the return of the Monday Evening post!

As with any long extended break, it’s a bit difficult getting back into the flow of things, so while I do have new arts in the works, like some of the commissions I’ve shared that are in progress and Illustration’s I’m doing through clients, I don’t have anything particularly new to share, for this post.

Instead, until I’m ready to share some of those arts, I decided to dedicate these posts to old ideas, that I do intend to “re-imagine”

So lets start with the first illustration of a series I’ve been wanting to do for years– Greed, of the 7 deadly sins.

Jamesedit low ResThe idea behind this illustration has always kind of spoken for itself. A corporate minded man, devouring the earth, and loving it, even though his greed is the destruction of it.Β  If this concept looks familiar to you, it’s because I painted this image twice. This was the earlier version, painted two years prior to the one above.

GreedyHiveThe reason why there are two versions, is because the earlier version was stolen on several occasions and used without my permission, so when an old client of mine, James Goldberg came to me requesting to use my illustration on his book cover, I thought it would be best to just re-do it to his specifications with a mix of photography and painting, so that it would be unique to his book.

As for the 7 deadly sins, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages, to illustrate the sins in real life settings– in ways that we can recognize and identify with them. I can’t say for sure how I intend to officially approach this series, but if you care to see some of the earliest concepts of lust and glutton from years ago, take a look!


Glutton copy

It is my hope, that sometime next year, I can begin progress on this series, and of course, you guys will be the first to know πŸ˜€

Well that’s it for today! Check back on Thursday for another post as I’ll have more classic arts of mine to share πŸ˜€ Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Well, I literally lost track of time and forgot what day it was x_x, so, Good evening ya’ll! or should I say, Goodmornins, because it’s like, 1am my time when I started writing this lol.

I joke with Justin quite a bit– we both blog and he goes on about how he has his stuff written in advance, while I’m literally like, writing on the fly. Unfortunately I’m not as organized as he is, or rather, I’m prone to operate in organized chaos.

So, Here’s what I have for you today!

merlinsAnother Illustration to add to the gallery!, and, while I’m at it, I figure I’d add all the pages for the portfolio I printed, in spread form, now that it’s a done deal πŸ˜€

So I printed this as a bookΒ  that was like 8.5 by 5.5, or whatever size it was, I cant remember, can’t find my ruler, so, we’ll go with that! But, I limited myself to 8 pages in total for budgeting reasons, since the costs to print can get pretty high the more pages you add, so in those 8 pages, I tried to find the best images to showcase– many of which is my most recent work, created within the past 8 months or so. There’s only one collection of images that no one has seen, and it’s of the butterfly girl, the page before last, which were illustrations I did for a children’s book years ago called– A Butterfly Named Bee.

What I hope to do in the future, especially since I’ll have the luxury of time, and I’m not rushing to prepare for SDCC, is to take what I’ve learned doing this small illustration book, and collect all the illustrations I do in a 12 month period, at the end of the year, and compile them into a book to showcase my work. The only difference is, I want to include rough studies, and sketches and show process work, along with descriptions of how some of my illustrations are made, so hopefully by December, I can put together a more lengthy portfolio– using this one as a starter.

But, I really worked myself hard in the past couple of months– so much, that I’ve arranged to have a month off from work to allow myself to recover, which will be starting August 1st. I have a few jobs to finish before that, butΒ  I am sooooo ready >_<. What that means for my blog is, I wont be keeping a hard schedule during that period– soo,Β  though I’ll continue to post throughout the month, there will be no Monday Evening posts. Just random ones, when I have something to share–so, yay for organized chaos!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time, Enjoy πŸ˜€

Monday Evening Post

Return from San Diego Comic Con


This is one word I can use to describe it. Why? Because I can apply it in sooo many different ways which I’d love to go into, if i wern’t jet lagged, lol! 3 hour difference between Michigan and California so my day feels like it just disappeared on me.Β  Even soo, I have quite a few photos to share and I look forward to giving an in depth review of my experience, along with a feature post about and for the various artists/friends I met in the great city of San Diego– All will be available for your viewing pleasure on Thursday once I’ve compiled it all, So, stay tuned!

For now– I will be un-jetlagging myself with much sleep and plenty of zzzzzzz!

As always, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here to bring you the Monday evening Post! And of course, new arts! or rather, repainted arts!

Featuring the front cover of my Portfolio


I wanted to feature my whole portfolio, but my computer decided it wanted to update, causing my entire system to just be unworkable, so I still have a bit more work to do on the book, but for now, there’s this πŸ˜€

The Full Cover

Untitled-1To tell you a bit about the lady featured on the front, her name is Ember– and I actually designed her about two years ago for a character design contest I won on, where the theme was to create a Sun Priest/Priestest.

This was the original

Sunnie3So, quite a few changes! It’s interesting seeing the comparison,Β  because I’m able to see how my painting has progressed since I first drew this.

Originally my Sun priest had the power of the sun in her hand, and an aurora cloak that flowed around it. The new version I took a different approach. Her entire color scheme, including the gradient from her forehead down represents dawn or sunset. Dark, but at her heart there is light. In terms of her clothes, with the newer version, I went for practicality. She is a black woman, so I made her hair more fro-like, and the design of the bodice really needed a do over. The earlier version was so spiky, I feared that if she bent over she’d impale herself lol, either way it made for good posture right? So I fixed that, by removing many of the spikes while maintaining the flame bra because I likes it lol! And surrounded her with embers πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this post, more to come as I feature additional pages from my portfolio– Till next time, Enjoy!

on a side note– I forgot to save the version that has of in the title, so, never mind that blunder lol