Thursday Evening Post

I’ve been introducing you guys to quite a few kitties over the past couple of weeks. Well, today, I’d like to introduce you to a special someone of mine– Please meet Brook, aka, Boodah!

Brook1My chihwuwu, in human form :D!

brookersand uh… in dog form :D!

Contrary to popular belief, my chiwuwu is anything but loud. In fact– she’s a very quiet, an incredibly timid doggie, that’s easily frightened, especially by thunder and rain, which would explain why her ears were back in this photo >_<. She is however vocal when she’s excited, greeting you with doggie whimpers and squeelz that make you ponder if she’s trying to conjure up human words.

I love her! She’s mah baby, and a proud member of the household, so as a challenge to myself, I wanted to draw her portrait, but with her as a human!

This is something I actually wanted to do for quite some time, but only until recently was I able to commit to it, and I went through quite a few drafts, like these, to flesh out her design.

This draft being one I did about two years ago, featuring Brook getting into toilet paper, which she does, and begging for attention, which she also does, a lot >_<.


and this one, in preparation for final version


There were a few things that I knew for sure I wanted to do when I drew Brook. I wanted to show her personality and I wanted her eyes to be big. Brooks eyes are truly her best feature– big and brown and full of emotion. all things considered, it was only natural I drew her like an anime character, lol!

As mentioned in the Monday Evening Post, I was practicing a method I call the Blockout Method, with my painting. These drafts were done in a similar fashion, and I have a little animation following my process :D!

BrookanimateI usually work off quite a few references– some I make, and some I gather from stock or other sources. The 3rd ref is actually a stock image I purchased earlier in the year that I finally decided to use, for it’s color pallet. The background I painted is also based off the stock image.

Overall, I had fun painting Brook! and I look forward to doing similar portraits to other furry beasts that are near and dear to my heart 😀

Check back tomorrow for another update on the sketches for Katzenworld! Till next time, Enjoy!

What to Expect In February

So it’s February….now what? Some people had the impression that once January was over, and I was done with my challenge that  I would stop posting. Totally not true! In fact, I have planned to dedicate each month to a specific theme or challenge to help me grow as an artist, and reach my goals.

January was a warm up– an exercise in building confidence in my art, expressing creative thought, and showing commitment. February, is all about structure and study. What that means is, finding a drawing and posting schedule I can commit to long term, and focusing on studies designed to develop my skills in areas I’ve struggled with.

Because I want to focus more time on learning what I’m studying, and also because I want to publish finished works to add to my gallery, I’ll no longer be posting daily drawings. Instead, I’ll be publishing new content, every Monday and Thursday, starting Feb 9th. In the meantime, between posts,  I’ll  also be publishing process files, much like this, but of course, more detailed, so that you can follow the process of my work, start to finish.

Stars-ProgressMy process posts will including notes, and sometimes shares of things, people, and or articles that serve as inspiration to the process.  Overall though, I hope to make it more interesting for you! And as always, enjoy!