Character Sketches- The Cen

Hey Guys! Bea here,

with another character sketch from Seth’s Commission! Lets see– who on the spread shall it be?

sketchosSpread1The Cen!

sketchos1A little bit about the Cen, they are an amphibious/merfolk– Humanoid with thin fins which allow it to swim easier, and a skin similar to a trout or bass. They are also about 5ft tall

Seth was very good about describing how he wanted the Cen to look, down to every feature of his face, which is a plus because it makes designing a character so much easier!

Unlike all the other characters that were sketched out– The Cen is the only one that’s nude– and that’s only because he is an aquatic creature and clothes aren’t really practical.

As before, here’s a little animation showing the process, though his is shorter due to lack of clothes πŸ™‚

sketchos1-animationStay tuned tomorrow to see who we reveal next πŸ˜€

Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here!

About a week ago, I made myself available for commissions, while working on some old ones that I finally had time to finish, so, my fingers have been busy!Β  Unfortunately I can’t post all my progress, at least not without the okay from my commissioners, since I always consider their privacy before going gungho and posting everything I draw, but while that process is going, I’m finally able to share at least one of the older ones πŸ˜€


MaryPorcelain2This was actually an unpaid-commission that I offered as a prize in this trick or treat game I orchestrated for the Halloween Party Zygona and I hosted last year. The winner was a nice guy named Jon that I met, and it was his request that I do an illustration of the Virgin Mary.

I started this illustration very promptly, once he gave me the details. In fact, my early draft for this illustration was literally the first thing I posted on my blog- Go figure πŸ˜€


Some of you may also recall, a study I did, to help me figure out her pose, called Marble.


Lot’s changed since then lol! But, because I had to make plans for SDCC, I spoke with Jon, and he gave me the okay to focus on finishing the illustration after my return, which I think was to his benefit because my style improved a lot in that time span.

I have a few commissions on the roster that are coming due very soon, that I hope to get approval to post this week, and one of them, might even be a little racy lol, so, stay tuned!

Till next time, Enjoy!

Open for Commisions: Up to 3

Hey Guys! Bea here, bringing you good news! To those who are interested of course πŸ˜€

While I am preparing additional art-filled posts for your guys to enjoy, this one is about something different- Commissions!

I’ve gotten a few requests from different individuals interested in commissioning me, but because my schedule for the past couple of months was so tight, I just didn’t have the time. However, for the remainder of this week, on into next week,Β  I have a lot of time off for work, which makes me available!

I am currently working on preparing posts for about 3 commissions that have been in progress that you’ll be seeing soon, but while I have this downtime, I’m available to do 3 more, for anyone whose interested.

Now if you’ve seen my gallery it’s clear that I work in various different styles, so I feel the need to specify what type of Commissions I’m available to do in this down time, which are “sketch/speed painting” commissions.

Here are some examples πŸ™‚



Basically I included work that I can I do within a day’s time, which was the case for many of the examples you see here, since I only have a small window of time, which also means, fast delivery!

So, if you’re interested, here’s what I’m available to do– and for how much πŸ™‚

*single character* minor background elements optional

Portrait sketch: $30.00 USD

Half Body: $50.00 USD

Full body: $70.00Β  USD

Additional characters: +$15.00 USD per additional character, up to 3

To add color: + $25.00 USD

On a special note, if you happen to be more interested in a pet sketch, like some of the kitties you see there, they are based at $30.00 USD per character, in bw, or +25 for color and +15 for any additional characters.


If you’re interested in Pinup art, or something a bit racy, that’s fine, however I don’t’ draw things that are too explicit, which would include drawings of sexual acts or anything pornographic. If you’re interested in something along these lines and you’re not sure if it falls in the category of things I don’t do– feel free to write me in private and we can discuss your request.Β  Also, keep in mind that these are digital sketches, which means they will be delivered digitally, but of a high enough quality to make prints, if you so choose.

How to request a commission and how the process works–

feel free to write me, via the contact tab up top. Your request will go directly to my email, and I’ll provide you all the information you need, and keep you up to date with my progress so you can direct me as I work, providing any corrections or feedback prior to the completion.

Again, I’m only able to take up to 3 commissions, and the turnover will be sometime next week, unless there are delays with progress, due to corrections, changes, ect– so, feel free to contact me, if you’d like to be one of the three πŸ™‚

That said, stay tuned tomorrow for more updates :D!

Catz Galore!

Hey guys! Bea here!

Been a while since my last post, given that I’ve been enjoying my little Hiatus, but I’m back, with arts to share! Finished arts πŸ˜€

CatA while back, as some of you may recall, Marc Andre of Katzenworld requested I draw two of his kitties.Β  He enjoyed them, and as it turned out, he commissioned me to do illustrations of all the Katzenworld cats!Β  Because I was working to prepare my portfolio for SDCC, I wasn’t able to complete these illustrations until now, but here they are!


Though I’ve been kind of quiet for the past week, mostly because I’ve been catching up on some muuuuch needed sleep, I do have quite a few things in the works that I’m super excited about, that I intend to introduce before the month is out– but for now I’m just trying to get back into the groove of things. Sleeping all day makes me kinda lazy so I’ve been really “meh” about drawing to be honest lol.Β  But, I do hope you liked this post, and the cats! More art to come this week as well as I finish off another commission that’s been in the works!

Till next time, Enjoy!


Okay, I’mma just come out and say it– You guys are going to be seeing me draw a looooot of ladies this month. As much as I want to draw more mens, a lot of things I have planned revolve around the ladies– so, curves ahoy!


Concept: Young woman, nude and “sitting pretty”– a term generally used to describe her exact pose,Β  with fire for hair. Half her face– bruised and scruffed with a mean eye, the other half, clean and polished.

Inspiration: Janelle MonΓ‘e, high fashion, superpowers

Reference:Β  Client posed on spot as I sketched.

In addition to my own works, I decided to commit this month to catching up with/and finishing some commissions, and because the deadlines for some of these are so far off, there’s no pressure πŸ˜€ Yay!

So what we have here, is a rough concept for the cover art I’m doing for the literary works of a my good friend, Deshaun Summers. He and I went to high school together, and a few years ago we somehow got in touch again. As it turns out, he’s an author now, and I’m still drawing πŸ˜€ Go figure!

I’ll try to include a small synopsis of the story, or what Deshaun wants to say about it in his own words later, but in simplest terms, its about women being strong, overcoming abuse. More to come later!

On a side note, I’d like to feature an artist I met through Deviant Art named Karii

She wrote me not too long ago, and was kind enough to ask my permission to use the pose in my Marble Study for her illustration. It may not sound like a big deal, but I have been a victim of art theft before, and on more than one occasion with both small named companies and big named publishers, so it means a lot when someone is courteous enough to ask permission. Thank you Karii! you’re awesome!

other works of hers-warning, some may be NSFW

If you’d like to see more of her lovely work, click here!

Hope you liked this post, till next time, Enjoy!

Thursday Evening Post

Hello! And good evening πŸ˜€

Bea here! And I come bearing arts and cookies! Though….only I can eat the cookies >_> sorry…i regret nothing…

Anywho, since we had a long weekend, with Monday being the Holiday, I decided to give myself a much needed break to recharge my batteries so I could prepare a nice post for Thursday.

Of all the projects I’m doing that I have deadlines closing in for, two of them, both still works in progress, I’m glad to be able to share with you all. Lets start with Felipe Cagno’s 321 Comic, Vol 2 Panorama commission


So a ton has changed! Basically the whole concept was redrawn. After talking with Felipe, he decided the best approach would be to draw it as if you’re caught in a moment, very similar to the Rockwell reference I’m using. There’s even a nod to it, with the little doggie if you can spot him πŸ˜€Β  That and he wanted it done in such a way that it showcased the sunlight pouring in. I don’t often work with warm colors, for some reason they are more of a challenge for me than cool colors are– but I’m enjoying working with this pallet so far.

Overall, the concept is there, the colors are blocked in, all that’s left to do is clean up and detailing- aka, the hard part lol! Because there’s so much going on, I’ll be working this Illustration throughout July, so, more updates soon!

As for Witch, well, She’ll be done a lot sooner– before my birthday. which is in just a few days! So lets have a look at where she’s at–

WITCHANNOne thing that I like to do, to help motivate me when I have a bunch of work on my plate is I’ll give myself rewards. My reward for finishing this, will be a trip to the zoo with all my friends, to celebrate. That, and want to work on this any longer. Reason being is I’m currently working on 4-5 other projects that I have to move onto as soon as this is done– >_<

Honestly, I don’t know how I pulling some of this stuff off, but, I am, so that’s good. YAY, PROGRESS!

A little bit about her– She’s a nature witch, and a keeper and protector of plants.Β  Usually when I draw characters like these, I take a lot of inspiration from things that interest me.Β  Like her, I love plants. My living room is practically a green house, mmkay? 18 plants and counting, some of which are heirlooms that are at least 50 years old, aka, way older than I am. I love them all!

Another source of inspiration is American Horror Story, Coven-, which is one of my favorite seasons of the series outside of Asylum. One of my favorite characters from that season is Misty Day. Her story was the most interesting, in my opinion and I loved her style, and totally understood her love of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mack

So a combination of several loves of mine, all bundled into one lol.

Overall, I hope you guys like this post, as always, Enjoy!

All Catz!

I laid aside yesterday’s Monday Evening post, and took the days prior to get better, and I am πŸ˜€ After much tea and vitamins and seeing the super freakin awsome Avengers, Age of Ultron, I am pumped and ready to go! and I’m excited to introduce, the last two sketches of the kitties from Katzenworld, Catto and Angel!


Here’s what Marc-Andre had to say πŸ™‚

“Catto is a very curios boy that always wants to check out what is going on and puts his nose into things haha! He has his cuddly moments and likes to play. While he loves his human parents he is not good with other animals of any species!

Angel, As you can see she is a genuine Persian long hair! πŸ™‚ She almost seems to have a sense of humour and is very inquisitive.”

Naturally I drew Catto curiously exploring things with his nose, and something about Angel suggested I should draw her in a majestic way– so that’s the rout I took.Β  Now for the full spread!


Since doing the last two sketches I’ve been able to see all the cats as one big picture– so I made some changes to make all the art a bit more uniform in appearance across the board.Β  All the cats now have the same type of eyes– where as before some cats looked like snowball, while others had whites in their eyes. I also scaled all the cats, mostly their heads, to be the same size in each image, so your eyes flow steadily through each one. I also gave Oliver his little goatee he was spose to have, lol!

These are all, however, still just sketches.Β  The final versions will be cleaner, have a bit more detail, and will be in print ready format when complete.

In the meantime, since I have a ton of work on my plate, I decided to take Sid’s suggestion and cut my posts down to one post per week, which will be the Monday Evening Post, at least until I’ve returned from the San Diego Comicon. It is my hope that by limiting my post, I can manage my workload and return to publishing better material πŸ™‚ We’ll see how that turns out! But in the meantime I am very grateful for everyone’s support as I push through the obstacles :D.
Hope you enjoy the kitties of Katzenworld, and till next time, Enjoy!