Hi there, Bea here!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. After my gallery was half-deleted by wordpress, affecting a large history of my posts- I was faced with the prospect of somewhat-starting over, while not really knowing where to begin– hence… I stopped posting. HOWEVER,  I am ready to start again.

Before, my process was to upload a new piece of artwork with every post, telling a bit about that piece, and the process involved, in that post.  Instead, since a lot of the history on my blog has been affected, I will be mass posting in my gallery all of the old artwork i’ve written about, in addition to the new, and THEN write posts about different peices, that I wish to give insight on.

For those of you, who have been directed here from GAIA, I’ll be posting most, if not, all the MC illustrations i’ve done, along with the Angel item  illustrations, in my gallery as well.

Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to sharing a lot with you all very soon!