Ice and Snow

If only he knew, that a frozen heart is incapable of love…


Hey guys, Bea here! And I come bearing arts to share! And this one is all about love and winter 😛

To tell you a bit about the characters, the lovely lady is Purest Ice and her handsome companion is Blackest Snow

To her, nothing is more beautiful than a world frozen in snow and ice. If only her reign could last forever, she’d make the whole world her very own winter wonderland. He, on the other hand is enchanted by the beauty of winter, and gave his heart, unaware that in doing so, it would turn cold.

This illustration, like many I’ve done, was made for for the December Monthly Collectible for 2015, to compliment the collection of items I created :).

Like many of the works I have sitting aside right now, I was eager to share this one, but time has not been on my side. Holiday Hustle, I call it.  For some reason, without fail, even though I’m not working in retail, October through to New Years is the busiest time for me, which makes it really difficult to find time to write, especially when I’m sleep deprived lol.

Aside from that, but also in addition to it, I’ve gone through a really big change in my life that I’ve been waiting for the right moment to sit down and share– and it is a change that will impact on how I run my blog going forward. For example, there are a quite a few changes I wish to make, like to my posting times, subject matter and content, and the structure in which I write. And there are a few things I wish to implement, like challenges and games.

Overall though,  I’ve been at this blog for a full year so far. I’ve experimented, tried different things, found out what works for me, and what doesn’t, and my goal for 2016 is to create a space here that is a bit closer to my vision of what I want my blog to be. Basically a place where I can share my art, and my growth, as I challenge myself in ways that work with my schedule and not against it, so I can be consistent. There’s more to it than that of course, but for now I’m just keeping it simple and sweet 😀 K.I.S.S ya’ll! KISS

Because of the Holiday Hustle, I’ve decided to abandon the Monday Evening Posts for the time being until I can sit down and really sort everything out. I’ll still try to post what I’m up to on a weekly basis with art, or works in progress, but I wont be sweating it lol. In the meantime, for all those who’ve shared your support, or even just read through to this point, thanks 😀  It means a lot to me!

As always, more arts coming soon, Happy Holidays everyone! Till next time, Enjoy!