Monday Evening Post

Hey Guys! Bea here, without the second to last character sketch from Seth’s Commission 😀

The Kron


This one was pretty simple, in that Seth had a clear vision of what the Kron was to look like. 10 ft tall, which is why he’s towering over most everyone else in the spread, stronger lower jaw with tusk like teeth, longer arms which they use to walk in a gorilla like fashion, and a flat head.


I’ve never done a body type like this before, so it required a few tries and some study of references before settling upon a final sketch. Again, minimal clothing. I figure a guy this big, it would be hard to dress anyway lol.

Another key feature about the Kron is that they have skin that has a stony appearance, and mossy like fur on it’s back. Seth gave me the choice of doing male or female with this one, and I decided to stick with male 🙂

Now there’s just one character sketch left to share before I get into sharing the Inktober sketches, so, stay tuned!

And as always, till next time, Enjoy!