Sketchbook Exclusives- Inktober Concepts

Hey guys! Bea here, and this time, we have Inktober concepts!

Just a little note– The sketches I’m showing are a cross between traditional and digital– which came about when I moved pencil drawings in my sketch book to my computer to play around with layout, and ideas (mostly because I value my paper, and I’ve already scribbled through a enough pages fleshing things out)– So all the sketches you’ll be seeing today are not my final ink drawings, but instead, references that I printed out for myself after I finished toying with them on the computer.

By the way, my camera kinda sucks so they aren’t the sharpest shots, and I took them all a bit slanted to hide some details, but, lets get started!

inPrin3The concept here is, instead of leading mice away from the city, this pied piper leads a slew of monsters/demons into your dreams. I drew this at least 4 times before I came to my final composition, mostly because I couldn’t figure out what angle I wanted to show the piper in. And due to the amount of detail I anticipate will be in it, I’ve had to do quite a bit of research. By far though, He’s my favorite πŸ˜€

I know a lot of different people come to my blog, so, I like to give warnings if, and when I’m posting something a bit NSFW. That said, this next one is a bit racy, so, avert your eyes if you feel the need too. Just know, you’ve been warned!

inPrin2Like all of these, I took the photo in a way that it hides some of the details,but, just think Vampire! Like Piper, this one went through quite a few revisions. The poses are very difficult to draw, for one, but originally this started as a phantom of the opera concept that just seemed better suited as you see it now…for practical reasons o.o. I actually drew this entirely in pencil and was ready to ink too, but then I realized that the perspective the girl on top made nooooo sense lol. Only after making some extra muddy sketches and pulling out my 3d software to pose some figures for to get a reference, was I able to get the concept right. So far– this one has been the hardest one to do.

And last– but, not intended to be least, we have Me, Bea! dressed up for Halloween πŸ˜€

inPrin1Looking back on my life, I’ve come to the sad realization that I have never had– or owned a Halloween costume….nope– not ever. I’ve dressed up for Halloween in random sheets, at the most, but never had a real costume. This year is no different. Didn’t have one– so when Zygona asked me what I’d be, I said I’d be Bea!

We had a few events that we were going too, so after getting dressed, I looked in the mirror– then at the mascara on the counter, then in the mirror– and then I started drawing on mah face!

Long story short, I put on a little makeup, did my hair up in two little buns atop my head to look like cat ears, painted my finger nails black, wore my stones and several necklaces, a long dress, leather boots, a black coat– and showed up and was like “Hey guys! I’m a black cat- witch, thing, person!!”

Overall, I really liked my get up, I thought it was cool, so I decided to draw myself wearing it for Inktober!

Before I close out this post, there is another drawing I started for inktober, which features yours truly *bats eyelashes* , however I’m saving for a later post, once I have time to complete it the way I envision it.

inkpen1That’s it for today folks! Some of my final Inktober sketches might come a bit late, but Just wanted to share what’s goin’ on in my humble sketchbook!

More posts featuring Seth’s Character Designs coming soon! Till next time, Enjoy πŸ˜€

Character Sketch– The Grix

Hey guys! Bea here! And this time we have The Grix

sketchosSpread2Which is, a wooded faun-like creature πŸ™‚

sketchos2Like the others, minimal clothing was requested, but to tell you a bit about the Grix, much of his design is inspired by the Faun in Pan’s Labyrinth, but intended to be a bit more human-like in appearance. As an added note– his horns are more like bark, with a hint of moss on them– so i decided to color the rest of him to resemble mossy wood.

Here’s a little animation showing his process πŸ˜€

sketchos2-animationTomorrow I’ll be taking a break from the character sketch posts, so that I may show you guys what i’ve been working on for inktober since Frankette– considering there are quite a few drawings underway!

Sorry this post is a bit breif– but that’s only because my computer decided to be annoying today and make everything hard on me and I need to shuts it doown >_<.

But, stay tuned, for tomorrow there will be more arts to see! Till next time, Enjoy πŸ˜€

Character Sketches- The Cen

Hey Guys! Bea here,

with another character sketch from Seth’s Commission! Lets see– who on the spread shall it be?

sketchosSpread1The Cen!

sketchos1A little bit about the Cen, they are an amphibious/merfolk– Humanoid with thin fins which allow it to swim easier, and a skin similar to a trout or bass. They are also about 5ft tall

Seth was very good about describing how he wanted the Cen to look, down to every feature of his face, which is a plus because it makes designing a character so much easier!

Unlike all the other characters that were sketched out– The Cen is the only one that’s nude– and that’s only because he is an aquatic creature and clothes aren’t really practical.

As before, here’s a little animation showing the process, though his is shorter due to lack of clothes πŸ™‚

sketchos1-animationStay tuned tomorrow to see who we reveal next πŸ˜€

Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here, and I bring you arts!

Commission arts, to be exact!

sketchosSpreadSo all of These character sketches/designs are finally complete! In fact, I finished them about a week ago, and intended it for an earlier post, but I was so busy running around I barely spent any solid time at home. Now that things have settled down, I’m able to share– but instead of revealing all the characters at once, I’ll focus on one a day– Starting with The Lithik!


Just as a reminder, all of these characters were requested by, and are the property of Seth Chiasson and were designed according to his specifications for his own use.

That said, the Lithik, as Seth explained is a race of giants that are about 9 feet tall, fair toned, and human-like in appearance. I was given some creative freedom, in that he allowed me to choose which sex the character design would be in. Since the majority of them are male, I went with female.

Also, Seth wanted the character designs to focus more on the shape and form of their bodies,so his request was that clothing was to be minimal or at the very least, form fitting. Nothing to big or bulky to the point of being a distraction,thus her simplistic design was born!

Since I kept Seth informed at all the stages of development in designing each character– I decided to take those and make little animations of the process to share with you guys!

sketchos5-animationStay tuned as I reveal each character design! and, more Inktober sketches coming soon πŸ˜€

Till next time, Enjoy!

Inktober 2015- Frankette

Trick, Treat….or both?


You guys may remember a teaser I posted not too long ago, of my first Inktober sketch in progress–

FrankensteinsMany people thought this was two people, getting a little intimate, as was intended, when seen from a certain angle, but instead of two, it’s just one, and her name is Frankette!

Frankette is technically the piecing together of a male and a female– and There were three sources of inspiration that lead to her design.

  1. Anyone recall the movie from 2002 called May?

    Well if you haven’t, I wont spoil too much– it’s a story about a socially awkward girl who just wants a friend…SPOILER ALERT—-Β  She decides to make one by sewing together the body parts she admired most about the people in her life who shunned her. Seriously, has to be one of the weirdest, creepiest horror films I’ve seen.
  2. This little number!
    Zombie 2
    A very old zombie sketch, that looks very weird to me now, but is basically a bride and groom who loved each other so much– they fused, and not in the cool Steven Universe way >_< So, I wanted to redo it, but in a more practical way.
  3. And last– This gem of a piece I found while looking up references for my burlesque piece–

    This picture threw me for a loop because I thought it was two people until I realized it was one model, in a split outfit, posed in a way that made her appear like two. I loved it– and I thought the concept was perfect to build Frankette off of.

Now I’d like to sit here and pretend that I just whipped my ink drawing out on a whim, but I didn’t. I don’t usually work with pen and ink, for one, and for two– I cant help but plan out my concepts before I get into them– UNLESS I just so happend to be drawing from life. So, here is the original digital sketch of Frankette–

FranketteI posed her, so that if you look at it from the bottom up, your eyes may be fooled into believing it’s two people, aka, the trick. But when you get to her face, you realize it’s one– and she’s pretty, so, lol that’s the treat >_<! Another fun thing a bout Frankette is that the green areas of her body are female,and the blue are male– though mostly covered in the tux side of her body.

When it came time to draw and ink it, I worked in a small 8.5 x 5 moleskin sketchbook, so even though my lines were sharp, the scan came off a bit muddy because of the small scale, so I had to do some touching up on the finish piece in addition to adding a few splashes of color, but if you care to see the bare sketch as in my book, Here ya go πŸ˜€

FranketteWell I hope you guys like Frankette! She was a joy to draw! Teasers coming soon for the next monster in progress. Till next time, Enjoy!

Thursday Evening Post

Hey Guys! Bea here, and this time, I has new arts!

OctLoResFinally, something finished! Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been able to do a full painting, considering I wasn’t feeling well enough to do it, but I’m so happy to be back on track, and I’m exciting about returning to some of the projects I started with my sketchbook exclusives too.

So, to tell you a bit about this illustration, the theme is burlesque, both are dancers, (for both sexes to enjoy because thats how it should be!) and it goes with the items I created for the month of October, for

— an odd coincidence because a lot of the art I’ve been doing latelyΒ  has been burlesque themed. I love it though, gave me an excuse to watch Moulin Rouge for the 100th time!That movie is friggen beautiful, guys!


On another note, a fun update from the 6 character commission that’s been in progress!

SethCharsloI am happy to announce that the lineup is complete for these character sketches, though, still a work in progress because everyone is naked right now :D. This commission is a challenging one though, in that I usually don’t get the opportunity to work with such unique body types, so a lot of research was needed to try and understand the anatomy of these characters while I worked. All in all, Im happy with how it’s turning out and even more happy that my client is happy :). annnd, in other news, I’ve just realized that I gave the men nipples and not the women o.o; hrm.

Anywho, I hope you liked this post– and I cant wait to bring you more as I’ve already started sketching with my fancy new art supplies πŸ˜€ So as always, enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here!

Sooo, Good New! So far it looks like I will be able to participate in Inktober. I wont be able to do much, given that half the month is gone already, but I have a few ideas I’d like to draw out, and since I’ll be clearing out quite a few projects this week, I’ll finally have a little free time to get mah ink on!

Now, I’ve given it some thought– about what I will draw for Inktober– and after juggling a few ideas, I decided to do a mini series of sketches, featuring different monsters, with a twist. For example, monsters like a vampire, a phantom, mermaids, the boogeyman, and Frankenstein or steins.

Unfortunately I didn’t have supplies to start my sketches, being as all my drawing pads have been sketched out, and I only had pencils on hand, so in the meantime, I played around with some ideas on my computer until I was able to buy the stuff I needed– like, basic friggen pens and a moleskin sketchbook.

so, since it’s Monday I decided to share a teaser for one of the digital sketches I did that will be redrawn, in detail and ink, for Inktober-

FrankensteinsLittle saucy– lol not something I usually do– well…I guess, I dunno, maybe? Anywho, you get the picture! it’s a teaser!

In the meantime, I have a few pieces that are near completion that I’ll be happy to post for you all on Thursday πŸ˜€

Till next time, hope you liked the teaser! And as always, enjoy πŸ˜€