Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here!

About a week ago, I made myself available for commissions, while working on some old ones that I finally had time to finish, so, my fingers have been busy!  Unfortunately I can’t post all my progress, at least not without the okay from my commissioners, since I always consider their privacy before going gungho and posting everything I draw, but while that process is going, I’m finally able to share at least one of the older ones 😀


MaryPorcelain2This was actually an unpaid-commission that I offered as a prize in this trick or treat game I orchestrated for the Halloween Party Zygona and I hosted last year. The winner was a nice guy named Jon that I met, and it was his request that I do an illustration of the Virgin Mary.

I started this illustration very promptly, once he gave me the details. In fact, my early draft for this illustration was literally the first thing I posted on my blog- Go figure 😀


Some of you may also recall, a study I did, to help me figure out her pose, called Marble.


Lot’s changed since then lol! But, because I had to make plans for SDCC, I spoke with Jon, and he gave me the okay to focus on finishing the illustration after my return, which I think was to his benefit because my style improved a lot in that time span.

I have a few commissions on the roster that are coming due very soon, that I hope to get approval to post this week, and one of them, might even be a little racy lol, so, stay tuned!

Till next time, Enjoy!