Character Design- Moon

Hey Guys! Bea here, bringing you more arts to share!

bippidy1I wanted to show a higher resolution with, with animation– but adobe picked a fight with me, annnd I lost lol Or rather just got tired and gave up! Stupid updates– blame them!

So, about this one– well he is paired with sky as the male character design I sketched out.


He is a moon and water spirit, and Much like her, I took a lot of inspiration from Miyazaki, referencing Haku from Spirited Away, the Spirit of the Forrest in Princess Mononoke and Yue from Nickelodeon’s Avatar.

Designing Sky was easy.- he on the other hand, was not. I had a lot of trouble working out a concept for him that I felt worked, going through at least ten changes before coming across this one. Basically what I look for is balance,  in the the amount of skin that shows, the color, ect so it feels well weighted, and that’s what was hard to achieve.

Hopefully Adobe will be behaving well enough that i may share another piece of art with you later 😀 Also, I still have one slot open on my commission list, so hit me up if you’re interested!

Till next time, Enjoy!