Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here! The hiatus is officially over, and I bring you the return of the Monday Evening post!

As with any long extended break, it’s a bit difficult getting back into the flow of things, so while I do have new arts in the works, like some of the commissions I’ve shared that are in progress and Illustration’s I’m doing through clients, I don’t have anything particularly new to share, for this post.

Instead, until I’m ready to share some of those arts, I decided to dedicate these posts to old ideas, that I do intend to “re-imagine”

So lets start with the first illustration of a series I’ve been wanting to do for years– Greed, of the 7 deadly sins.

Jamesedit low ResThe idea behind this illustration has always kind of spoken for itself. A corporate minded man, devouring the earth, and loving it, even though his greed is the destruction of it.  If this concept looks familiar to you, it’s because I painted this image twice. This was the earlier version, painted two years prior to the one above.

GreedyHiveThe reason why there are two versions, is because the earlier version was stolen on several occasions and used without my permission, so when an old client of mine, James Goldberg came to me requesting to use my illustration on his book cover, I thought it would be best to just re-do it to his specifications with a mix of photography and painting, so that it would be unique to his book.

As for the 7 deadly sins, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for ages, to illustrate the sins in real life settings– in ways that we can recognize and identify with them. I can’t say for sure how I intend to officially approach this series, but if you care to see some of the earliest concepts of lust and glutton from years ago, take a look!


Glutton copy

It is my hope, that sometime next year, I can begin progress on this series, and of course, you guys will be the first to know 😀

Well that’s it for today! Check back on Thursday for another post as I’ll have more classic arts of mine to share 😀 Till next time, Enjoy!