Gardening Tips from your Friendly Reaper

ReaperSo, Zy and I were having an interesting conversation– Maybe you’ll enjoy it 😀

Bea: I miss you! *grabby handz* and I drew little reapers of you today…but they’re just incoherent scribbles >_<

Zygona: I wanna seeee

Bea: they are really crappy scribbles. It’s like, a square here and a circle there, and a few squiggly doodads– looks like spagetty but I know what’s there!!

Zygona: so *whines while making grabby hands *

Bea: fine ill show you my crappy drawings…

Zygona: YAY! I was ’bout to pull the sad puppy fayce on you

Bea: here! My squiggly doodads!! lets see if you can make out what’s going ondodads

Zygona:…watering a dead plant

Bea: yes, yes you are watering a dead plant…

Zygona: the ones on a swing outside with a house–

Bea: No, no swing.  that’s a tree!! can’t you tell how obvious it is that it’s a tree?!

Zygona: ttly looks like a swing there on the top right hand side– looks like a swing, and your roots are a seat

Bea: shushers you! there is a story behind these doodads!!

I wont lie, most of my actual sketchbook is made of squiggly doodads, but in this case, I decided to take it a little bit further, thus arts were born! Totally legible arts! By the way, there is a story behind this sketch– more to be revealed in time!

Just a simple lighthearted post 😀 Till next time, Enjoy!