Welp, I am in the last stretch before convention time, and boy has it been a stretch >_<. Im tired. So very tired… I’ve been juggling so much, in such a short amount of time, that I decided to push my Monday post into Thursday which is the feature for 321 Comics. But in the meantime, I decided to show a little preview for my portfolio book, which is allllmost done and will be in print on Monday, and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

So, here is the back cover of that project


Since time is limited and I wanted enough pieces to fill my portfolio out to show my range of skill, I ended up digging into old works– aka, art that I did about 5 years ago. But instead of using them as they were, I hacked my work, combining two to three separate illustrations that I’ve done, into one, that I render into a clean piece.

In this case, I combined

I’ve had a lot of fun doing this sort of hack, because It’s allowed me to breath life into old ideas and make the better in ways.  I have two other works in my portfolio that are similar to this, which I’m excited to show when I’m done, but for now, SLEEEP, so tired x_x.

Till next time– zzzzzzzzzz