Monday Evening Post

Well, I literally lost track of time and forgot what day it was x_x, so, Good evening ya’ll! or should I say, Goodmornins, because it’s like, 1am my time when I started writing this lol.

I joke with Justin quite a bit– we both blog and he goes on about how he has his stuff written in advance, while I’m literally like, writing on the fly. Unfortunately I’m not as organized as he is, or rather, I’m prone to operate in organized chaos.

So, Here’s what I have for you today!

merlinsAnother Illustration to add to the gallery!, and, while I’m at it, I figure I’d add all the pages for the portfolio I printed, in spread form, now that it’s a done deal 😀

So I printed this as a book  that was like 8.5 by 5.5, or whatever size it was, I cant remember, can’t find my ruler, so, we’ll go with that! But, I limited myself to 8 pages in total for budgeting reasons, since the costs to print can get pretty high the more pages you add, so in those 8 pages, I tried to find the best images to showcase– many of which is my most recent work, created within the past 8 months or so. There’s only one collection of images that no one has seen, and it’s of the butterfly girl, the page before last, which were illustrations I did for a children’s book years ago called– A Butterfly Named Bee.

What I hope to do in the future, especially since I’ll have the luxury of time, and I’m not rushing to prepare for SDCC, is to take what I’ve learned doing this small illustration book, and collect all the illustrations I do in a 12 month period, at the end of the year, and compile them into a book to showcase my work. The only difference is, I want to include rough studies, and sketches and show process work, along with descriptions of how some of my illustrations are made, so hopefully by December, I can put together a more lengthy portfolio– using this one as a starter.

But, I really worked myself hard in the past couple of months– so much, that I’ve arranged to have a month off from work to allow myself to recover, which will be starting August 1st. I have a few jobs to finish before that, but  I am sooooo ready >_<. What that means for my blog is, I wont be keeping a hard schedule during that period– soo,  though I’ll continue to post throughout the month, there will be no Monday Evening posts. Just random ones, when I have something to share–so, yay for organized chaos!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time, Enjoy 😀

Moving Forward

In Bloom


It’s a funny thing when you can look at something you’ve done years ago and find meaning in it, different from what it started from.

a lot of things come to mind when I think of this one, even now, five years later. It has always been a personal piece, though I couldn’t quite put into words why when I was painting it. But it dawned on me..It’s an expression of my love for art, and a bearing of my soul as I hope to blossom into the artist I’ve always aspired to be.

Trust me, lol I’m not there yet– I’ve got a ways to go! But after sifting through the dark for so many years, I’ve found me a spot of light, and likewise I’ve been given a chance to grow. What I mean when I say this is, I’m no longer confused about the type of artist I want to be, and I know this because of the opportunities given to me by those who saw potential in my work, and have given me a chance, or, in some cases a push in the right direction.

During portfolio reviews, I had the experience of sitting with professionals in positions I’ve dreamed of being in. To know that my hard work has paid off thus far, given their positive reviews, I have tremendous confidence, that if I keep pushing forward, challenging myself, and growing as an artist, I will no doubt accomplish everything I have set out to achieve.

To tell you the truth guys, I was a wreck these past couple of months.  I don’t like letting people see me struggle, so I wear a smile, laugh, joke, but I was falling to pieces inside- like, I broke down in tears at least three times because of the pressure I put on myself, and if it wern’t for my friends talking me down– and keeping me level, I would have broken down more times than that. It’s my fault, I pushed my own boundaries, and admittedly too far, but that’s just how much all of this means to me…so yah, having all thumbs up at my reviews, was like the icing on the cake.

So what does all this mean? Well, I figured I’d give you a heads up on my plans for the remainder of the year, and forward.  As much as I want to pursue some of the studies I had planned for myself,  sadly, many of them will be staying on the back-burner, or dropped completely. It was said to me more than once, by several individuals, in and out of reviews at SDCC, that I need to create print worthy material, get booths at cons, and sell.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to go all commercial on you guys, but I’ve had a stock of ideas– literally a list of them, that I’ve been compiling for years, of art I wanted to create when my skills were good enough to tackle them. In an effort to follow their advice, I’ve decided that it’s time to make them happen.

Many of the ideas I have consists of art books, illustrated short stories I’ve written synopsis’s for, and several series of art prints centered on themes like twisted fairytales, Nostalgia fan art, zodiacs, or the 7 deadly sins, among many others. In fact, I’ve decided that the first project I want to tackle is a 20 page illustrated book– which is a short story of a girl who deals with the 5 stages of grief after her encounter with death on her way to the afterlife. Originally this was something I wanted to do as a series of daily sketches for October, but figured it would work better as an art book with a narrative.

Because this, and many of my other ideas are a huge undertaking for someone like me who has very little free time, and limited resources, It’s been suggested by my friends to consider a Crowd Funding, or Patreon to help support me financially in the making and printing of these works. At least that way, I could support myself with my art, work less at my day job, and ultimately create something really special that people can enjoy, and maybe even relate too, and own for themselves.

I’m not sure how to do all that yet, but I know it’s going to be a lot of work! In the meantime though, you know what I’ll be up too, as my progress will be shared here– sketches, concept art, all that good stuff!

I’ve rambled on enough though! But thank you for reading, and for following along as I move forward– it means a lot, and I’m glad to have the support so many of you have given– again, thanks!

Till next time, Enjoy!!

Thursday Evening Post

San Diego Comic Con


IMG_38702015 has been a year of firsts. First time getting into blogging, first time building a portfolio (since highschool >_<), first time in San Diego, annnnnd first time at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), and I must say, it was quite the experience! Though I must admit, my reason for going was a bit different from most.

I wasn’t there to collect anything or cosplay, or get into panels– which i knew was next to impossible given that people had been camping out for days, prior to me even taking flight– I went there, to share my work, in portfolio reviews– and to meet old friends for the first time, and make new ones 🙂 and pig out on Starbucks….which i do enough of already.

Starbucks aside, even though I went with an objective in mind, I got much more out of the experience than I was expecting to get.

So, where do I start? lol

It’s crowded as &$#%*!!


And no I didn’t use a naughty word just now…. The word I was thinking of was Fudge….mind out of the gutter people!!

Anywho! Crowded as Hell! Like, this pic is maybe about a quarter or less of the “inside” of the main floor which is so friggen huge, you cant see from one end to the other. Zygona was my traveling companion, and she documented that it took her about an hour, to get from one end of the hall to the other– and that’s at shuffle speed because it’s so packed all you can do is shuffle. Also keep in mind, this is just the first floor.

Unfortunately because the crowds were so dense, and I’m short, it was very difficult to see what was there, though I could tell, there was a lot, given that every time I braved the masses, i would see something different that I hadn’t before.

Sights and Sounds

Bea:  Okay Zygona, we have to find Finni, we have to stay on course or else we’re never going to get out of here– so don’t get distracted– OH LOOK AT THAT!!  *runs off*


Okay, we got distracted– admittedly I was the first one,  but, we found Finni, a fellow artist who I sooo admire, and afterwards, Zygona took photos of some of the things we found on the main floor!

There were a ton of showcases, much more than we could photograph, But this place was a collector’s dream. One thing you need to know though is– the rarer something is, or the more limited something is– be prepared to stand in line for it, and hope they have enough left by the time you reach the counter.

Speaking of lines, I hoped my friends were kidding when they said prepare to spend a lot of time in them. They wern’t. There is literally a line for almost everything! Some of them I didn’t know where they began or ended. There were quite a few experiences going on in and around the convention hall, like the Assassin’s Creed experience, where you ran this Ninja Warrior like course where you jump out of a tower at the end, or the Walking Dead experience where you brave zombies and hope you make it out alive, but because of the lines and my lack of patience, I didn’t get to try for myself. (secretly i would have chickened out). just the same, many of the panels featuring trailers released, or Game of Thrones, or Walking Dead,  people had been waited in line for days– there was just no getting in them. Fortunately much of the stuff was uploaded on you tube the next day so we were pretty caught up lol.

Even though I didn’t get into any panels or buy any exclusives, the highlight of my trip came in the form of portfolio reviews, which, as I mentioned was my main reason for going, and yes there was a line for those too lol. For 2 out of 3 days, I spent most of my time waiting to be seen, and I did– by ten different companies– and I got glowing reviews from every last one. Even better, many of them gave me advice, on what positions I would be best suited for as an artist, and what my next move should be. I was also told that I should try to do more sequential work, and focus on getting a booth at cons to promote and sell my work.

With that said, I’ve decided to take them up on their advice. Something I’ll discuss in the following post!

All in all, I don’t regret a moment of waiting to be seen. While I was sitting there, I was among many other artists, like myself, and had the privilege of making new friends as we exchanged our portfolios with each other! In fact, I’d like to dedicate this post to some of them–

Please meet– Katrina Zidichouski, illustrator and concept artist

and Ryamond Griego, also illustrator and concept artist

There were many more artist I met– I have to sift through business cards to find them, lol, but I hope to share their work too in future features.

Overall, I know I missed like 80% of what was going on around me, but the 20% I did experience was great, and I look forward to going again. Also, a tip for all whose interested in going– don’t let UPS rip you off– they like, hike their prices like 100% to ship stuff you buy– so, play it smart, and bring a luggage bag to check– chances are, you’ll save hundreds!


Also, since I literally never take pics of myself– and Zarl, a friend of ours, took this shot  of Me, Zygona, and Red, who Zy is picking at, I decided to share it.

Thanks for making the journey extra special guys!

Hope you liked this post! Till next time, Enjooooooy 😀

Monday Evening Post

Return from San Diego Comic Con


This is one word I can use to describe it. Why? Because I can apply it in sooo many different ways which I’d love to go into, if i wern’t jet lagged, lol! 3 hour difference between Michigan and California so my day feels like it just disappeared on me.  Even soo, I have quite a few photos to share and I look forward to giving an in depth review of my experience, along with a feature post about and for the various artists/friends I met in the great city of San Diego– All will be available for your viewing pleasure on Thursday once I’ve compiled it all, So, stay tuned!

For now– I will be un-jetlagging myself with much sleep and plenty of zzzzzzz!

As always, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post- Bonus

Just a quick little post about page one of my portfolio


This is actually a wide image that I cut and put my logo on for online uploading. But, this too is one of those old drawings of mine I decided to renew for my portfolio. In this case, it was this one–
Angels by BeaGifted

She’s a lot more solemn now, and the birds flying past her instead of the wings in the clouds, and seeing her scar kinda hint to the same theme I was going for.  Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed this portfolio feature!

Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea here to bring you the Monday evening Post! And of course, new arts! or rather, repainted arts!

Featuring the front cover of my Portfolio


I wanted to feature my whole portfolio, but my computer decided it wanted to update, causing my entire system to just be unworkable, so I still have a bit more work to do on the book, but for now, there’s this 😀

The Full Cover

Untitled-1To tell you a bit about the lady featured on the front, her name is Ember– and I actually designed her about two years ago for a character design contest I won on, where the theme was to create a Sun Priest/Priestest.

This was the original

Sunnie3So, quite a few changes! It’s interesting seeing the comparison,  because I’m able to see how my painting has progressed since I first drew this.

Originally my Sun priest had the power of the sun in her hand, and an aurora cloak that flowed around it. The new version I took a different approach. Her entire color scheme, including the gradient from her forehead down represents dawn or sunset. Dark, but at her heart there is light. In terms of her clothes, with the newer version, I went for practicality. She is a black woman, so I made her hair more fro-like, and the design of the bodice really needed a do over. The earlier version was so spiky, I feared that if she bent over she’d impale herself lol, either way it made for good posture right? So I fixed that, by removing many of the spikes while maintaining the flame bra because I likes it lol! And surrounded her with embers 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, more to come as I feature additional pages from my portfolio– Till next time, Enjoy!

on a side note– I forgot to save the version that has of in the title, so, never mind that blunder lol

Thursday Evening Post

321 Comics- Update Preview

I’ve spent quite a bit of time restructuring the overall illustration for 321 Comic’s Panorama to remove a ton of the dead space that was in it, and give it a more cosy feel, while finding a color pallet that works well with it. Aka, LOOOOT of work lol. Quite a bit of it is still too messy to show— however here is a sample from a section of it that’s looking pretty good. 321previewThere is this thing I call “reaching my threshold point” where I’ll pretty much struggle through my ideas, trying different things hoping I’ll land on something that works. This applies to building a composition, and finding the right color scheme to work with. This process is often long and takes a lot out of me, but once I get to a place where I feel all my ideas have come together, and I’m comfortable enough to run with it, I’ve reached my threshold and it’s easy street from then on.

After fiddling with this image constantly, I’m finally at that place and I’m hoping to finish it completely in the next day or two. We shall see lol.

Till next time, Enjoy!