Monday Evening Post

So for the past couple of days, since I’ve been working a lot, I experience a moment where I decide I’ll lay down and take a nap, and despite my efforts, setting my alarm to go off multiple times, I end up sleeping like a brick until I wake up the next day x_x. Hence Forth, the Monday Evening Post, turned into a Tuesday.

On with Today’s post! Introducing, the Diamond Dancer!

Illustration for, June's Monthly Collectable Illustration with Gaia Online

Featuring a lady assassin/Jester who uses her blade dance to get close to the king.This was of course done for, as a monthly collectable– and these are the items I created (cept for the envelope lol)

Diamond Dancer:

      A woman of very few words, the Diamond Dancer has trained her whole life for this moment, with one goal in mind– To claim the Platinum Throne.

Platinum Prince:

      A young and wealthy prince with a love for performance art, could care less for anything but his own interest, even as his people wallow in poverty…but he may just be in for the show of his life, when the Diamond Dancer enters his court.

Emperor Knight:

    He may be short, but no one gets to the Prince except through him…though he may not be as loyal as he seems.

I’ve been learning so much doing these types of illustrations, such as different techniques that are commonly used for art like this, how to use my brushes to render effectively, and gaining a better grasp on how to portray value, color and depth. So to help remember some of the things I’ve learned, I’ve started making brief tutorials for myself to go by which I hope to share with you all in a later post when it doesn’t look like scribbles to anyone but me lol.

But yeah,this post is a brief one, but good things in store for Mondays to come! Defiantly more new art to share, along with some things I’m preparing to implement after I return from the Comicon 😀
Till next time, Enjoy!