Monday Evening Post

Hey guys! Bea Here to bring you another Monday Evening Post on a Tuesday 😀

I am in the throws of deadlines–therefor, this post is late, But I’m glad to be able to share new arts with you!

Introducing– Portrait speed paints of some of the kids from Hair Like Mine, a children’s book I illustrated for LaTashia Perry, coming soon!

HairLikeMineTo tell you a bit about the book, it’s about a little girl with big curly hair, in search of people with hair like hers– instead she realizes that everyone is unique in their own way 😀 The book is in the process of being published!

Not much else to say, considering my mind is frazzled trying to close out my remaining commissions for the month, but I shall be resuming progress on 321 Comic’s Commission, which I’ll have a nice update for next Monday.

well, it’s back to work for me! Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

So for the past couple of days, since I’ve been working a lot, I experience a moment where I decide I’ll lay down and take a nap, and despite my efforts, setting my alarm to go off multiple times, I end up sleeping like a brick until I wake up the next day x_x. Hence Forth, the Monday Evening Post, turned into a Tuesday.

On with Today’s post! Introducing, the Diamond Dancer!

Illustration for, June's Monthly Collectable Illustration with Gaia Online

Featuring a lady assassin/Jester who uses her blade dance to get close to the king.This was of course done for, as a monthly collectable– and these are the items I created (cept for the envelope lol)

Diamond Dancer:

      A woman of very few words, the Diamond Dancer has trained her whole life for this moment, with one goal in mind– To claim the Platinum Throne.

Platinum Prince:

      A young and wealthy prince with a love for performance art, could care less for anything but his own interest, even as his people wallow in poverty…but he may just be in for the show of his life, when the Diamond Dancer enters his court.

Emperor Knight:

    He may be short, but no one gets to the Prince except through him…though he may not be as loyal as he seems.

I’ve been learning so much doing these types of illustrations, such as different techniques that are commonly used for art like this, how to use my brushes to render effectively, and gaining a better grasp on how to portray value, color and depth. So to help remember some of the things I’ve learned, I’ve started making brief tutorials for myself to go by which I hope to share with you all in a later post when it doesn’t look like scribbles to anyone but me lol.

But yeah,this post is a brief one, but good things in store for Mondays to come! Defiantly more new art to share, along with some things I’m preparing to implement after I return from the Comicon 😀
Till next time, Enjoy!

Bea’s Features

Quite often I’ll find myself scouring the net in search of art. In fact, I spend almost as much time looking at other people’s artwork as I do making my own. So today, I’ll sharing with you five artists along with three of their works that I adore! Also, feel free to click their names to be directed to their individual websites.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the Feature 😀

Medders– I usually look for artists whose work inspires, and motivates me, and each of them do so in their own distinct ways. What I love most about Medder’s style  is the loose, sketchiness of his paintings. It’s my belief that a sketch is the soul of your work, and often times has more character than the final piece does. In his own way, from what I can see, Medder’s has a style that maintains the essence of his sketch, which I believe enhances the beauty of his work.

GDBee– Not only does she have a very charming style, but GDbee Is amazing when it comes to composing colors–My favorite of hers being the 2nd one, of the beautiful young girl with Vitiligo. Overall, I can’t felt but feel uplifted and joy, upon seeing the vivid colors at play in GDbee’s work!

Yoann-Lossel– Words cannot describe just how enchanted I am by Yoann’s art. That ghostly dark image with shimmering hints of gold just gives me chills. Even with such a simple color pallet he brings everything together so well. What I wouldn’t do to see his work in person. I would just get lost in it for hours!

Saimain– I met Saimain through a challenge I was hosting from my Journal on Deviant Art. She won, and got a free sketch out of my 30 day challenge, and I drew one of her characters. What’s so cool about her is that she has all these stories, that she creates art for. She’s such a creative individual, a wonderful storyteller, and I can’t help but admire just how driven she is, so to support her, I recently became one of her Patreons on

Skirtzzz– Has a way of drawing that is whimsical and sexy, and I love every bit of it! Not to mention her line quality is beautiful, and not only does she draw– but she does amaaaazing cosplay. I saw her Princess Peach cosplay a long time ago, and later ran into her work on Deviantart, and was like “Why am I not following this woman >_<!” So glad I found her work again so I can stalk her, lol! I also became her Patreon recently as well, as I want to support the artists I admire.

Honorable Mentions

I really really really…Really REALLY wanted to show Little Bird, an illustrated poem by Moosekleenex– however it was too large to feature in this format. So, as an honorable mention, I encourage you to check it out, and experience the epic feels!

 Since this is a post about features, I’d also like to introduce what I will now refer to as my


And noooo I dont mean the show, so I wont be running around rocking a fro-hawk with gold chains dripping down my neck. To be honest I would have said B Team, but….I like A, so,  it is what it is. I regret nothing!

So what is the A Team? Well often times you’ll hear me mention Justin or Zygona on my blog. Just like me, they are both aspiring artists, we all went to school together, and Justin has literally become my right hand man, and Zygona my right hand woman… which just puts me on the left, I guess >_

Hope you enjoyed the Feature, and likewise found new artists to follow– till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

What is it Like to be an Artist?


This was a question that came up earlier in the week when Justin and I went to the gym to check out a membership and ran into someone he knows. As It turned out, this simple question lead to a rather broad discussion about what it means to us, why we do it, what our goals are, and the reality of those goals– annnd it seemed like a great conversation to bring here.

I can’t speak for every artist- so most of what I say comes from my own experience and the experiences of others I know personally, but I’m fairly certain that artists may find some commonality here as I address each question. So, lets get started!

1. So when did you start drawing?

Every artist has an origin story, but….I’ve always been kinda weirded out by this question. Sure I can say, since forever, but it doesn’t probe any deeper than that. The better question is– What was the spark that started you off because it brings you back to a point and time in your life when everything kinda…changed. The answer that follows is much richer and truer to how an artist got started. It could have been their love and admiration for something that inspired them, be it games, anime, comics, movies, fashion, books, or even a particular franchise. Maybe it runs in the family and the artist was next in line to pick it up. For others it may be a form of self expression, their voice in the world…or even a quiet escape from hurt and pain… Whatever their spark, much like a signature, you can almost always see a hint of it, in their work.

2. So why do you do it?

If the answer is– because I love to, it’s what I’m passionate about– a common question/statement that follows in my experience and in some of my friends experience is– “The Starving artist– all about the passion and not about the money”
Lets be real– Money is important– it puts a roof over our heads and food on the table. As much as we love to draw, we also have to make a living, and what better way to do it, than by doing something you love. Justin said it better though- “The term starving artist is kind of outdated. Although it’s a different and pretty difficult road to take, it’s very possible to make a good living as an artist. There are a lot of artists who made a lot of money throughout history. But the mainstream culture likes to romanticize the idea of artists sacrificing everything for the passion. The reality is much different than that. It’s similar to musicians and athletes except it’s a career that can last. I mean your not going to make millions off a single deal , in most cases, but you can make a good living off what you dreamed of when you were a kid, and when drawing was just a fun hobby.”

3. This isn’t a question I’ve run into, but I think it deserved a spot on this list- “Were your family/friends supportive of your dreams?”

The answers for this one can go annnny which way, to be honest, but it brings us back to the concept of the starving artist. Because being an artist has this stigma, and because it’s not a profession you go into to become rich, a lot of times, an artist finds themselves without support, or being steered in the direction of careers that are more “promising”. Friends’ I’ve found to be the most supportive, because they’re with you no matter what you choose to do with your life. Parents, on the other hand, have more concern for your well-being in the long term because they want you to succeed and be prosperous– while their hearts are in the right place, an unsupportive parent or authoritative figure can easily crush a dream by shooting it down, because of the stigma. I personally have had a lot of support, but in a weird way, some of my friends have been a problem in the past because they see what I do as more of a hobby, aka, something I do for fun that doesn’t require a lot of effort. The problem with this is, they end up holding me back, because they don’t see what I do as being important. What it comes down to is, the people in your life need to understand your passion. They need to understand what it means to you, especially if it’s more than just a hobby, but also a means by which you earn a living, and in doing so they can choose to either respect it, support it, or get out the way. Sounds a bit aggressive, lol, but that’s how much it means to some of us.

4. So what are your goals?

Hey, I wanna be the next Norman Rockwell! Go big or go home right! Right? Ever heard the term “You see the glory but don’t know the story?” I’m guilty of fantasizing, and I’m confident enough to say that most of us are, lol! But the reality is, we can’t all be superstars. Does that make this a hopeless cause? Not in the least.
We had this thing at the college I attended, where at the end of the year we’d have portfolio reviews. You’d bring in all your best work for the year and be privately critiqued and graded on your progress by the lead instructors of your major. The last time I was critiqued, which was years ago, I was given a high score and told that I have a lot of potential. But then the instructor took me aside and quietly said “There are a lot of artists out there, who have just as much potential– and who can do what you do, and better. But that’s not what you want to think about. Instead, focus on what makes YOUR art special. What can you bring to the market, that makes you stand out?
I had an idea– but finding out what it was truly was, and honing it, that was the goal, because it doesn’t matter as much what type of style you choose to work in, or how refined your skill, what matters most is what makes you stand out.

5. lastly, what sort of art do you do, what goes into making it, and what do you hope to receive from it?

Okay, lol I’m going to get all artsy fartsy and say something cool, because I want to, and be all poetic about it n stuff! Ready? Here goes!
When you look at a person’s work, like a coin, there’s two sides. There’s one you see, and one not so much. Most people see the head– aka, the end result, the pretty picture on the wall in all it’s glamor! Unless that’s just not the artists style, but you get the idea. The other side of the coin, the tail, is the labor…the long hours, and often sleepless nights, money spent, and mounting frustrations of problems that had to be overcome… in addition to a combination of thought, and emotion, aka, blood, sweat and tears. So to answer the question, an artists work can take many forms, be it illustration, animation, ect, but at it’s core, an artists work is the fruit of their passions, and inspirations, whatever they may be, and the fruit of their labor.
A lot goes into an artist’s work, before they bring it center stage, and it doesn’t always come easy, even if it looks like it does. Likewise, for all the effort we put forth, to express our ideas, having our work be seen, acknowledged, appreciated and/or supported means a lot, and that’s what we hope to receive.

Again, with all that I’ve said, I don’t speak for everyone; this is simply a reflection of my own experiences and observations and talks I’ve had with fellow artists. In a addition though, reflecting on questions like these have given me a lot to think about, like my desire to support other artists, either through Patreon or Feature posts, and about finding ways that I can personally give back to the art community.

One step at a time though 🙂 I haven’t decided on a solid schedule yet, but after giving this much thought, Thursday I will be my first attempt at a feature post, Where I’ve chosen five artists I wish to showcase on my blog. Not only do I intend to feature there work, but I hope to share in what way their art has influenced me, or inspired me, with the hopes that you too may be inspired by their works. In the meantime, if you have some advice, suggestions, send me a word!

Took me longer to write this post than I thought, but, I hope you got something from it– Till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

I finished it guys! I stayed up till like 2 in the morning the day before my birthday but I finished it! RainDancerAnd as a reward, I got my trip to the zoo with my friends 😀 we got caught in the rain, it was cold, so not many people were there, aka, we had the zoo to ourselves! At least that’s what it felt like.

Afterward we all went to the cafe, had Green tea Lattes and cookies…all except for Zygona

HumbleReaper who had to be the odd one out, getting hot chocolate lol! and we all got super relaxed– too relaxed in fact, after walking around for hours in the cold, and drinking something nice and warm, we ended up looking like a drunk group. Long story short, It was fun! And a nice break from all the chaos I’ve been enduring for the past month >_<!

With that said, I can now provide the full details of what this character design is for.  She is my entry into the Character Design Challenge on Facebook. She is my first entry, and most certainly will not be my last. Each month, a new challenge for character design is given. Last month was steampunk adventurer, and May, the month this was done for, was Witch vs Wizard. I choose Witch, and created my Rain Dancer– summoner of storms and in a way protector of rare plants!  This will be animated, sometime after comicon in my leisure.

Another thing about this, which made my birthday even sweeter, being as finishing this was a gift to myself, of sorts, this character design became a milestone piece for me. For years, especially since the beginning of this one, 2015, I have been working hard to make personal strides by creating art that is more dynamic/energetic, give my art more personality,  improving my ability to render, by creating cleaner, sharper images, with depth, and to also become better at understanding color and lighting.  Judging by a lot of the comments I’ve received through Deviantart and on the Challenge Page, all my training has been paying off, because I hit every one of those markers.  It’s not to say that it’s my best work, but looking back at where I started, it  shows that I’ve grown, that I’ve improved, and that I’m headed in the right direction.

Now onto the next few projects lol! Thank you for reading, and as always, till next time, Enjoy!