Thursday Evening Post

Hello! And good evening 😀

Bea here! And I come bearing arts and cookies! Though….only I can eat the cookies >_> sorry…i regret nothing…

Anywho, since we had a long weekend, with Monday being the Holiday, I decided to give myself a much needed break to recharge my batteries so I could prepare a nice post for Thursday.

Of all the projects I’m doing that I have deadlines closing in for, two of them, both still works in progress, I’m glad to be able to share with you all. Lets start with Felipe Cagno’s 321 Comic, Vol 2 Panorama commission


So a ton has changed! Basically the whole concept was redrawn. After talking with Felipe, he decided the best approach would be to draw it as if you’re caught in a moment, very similar to the Rockwell reference I’m using. There’s even a nod to it, with the little doggie if you can spot him 😀  That and he wanted it done in such a way that it showcased the sunlight pouring in. I don’t often work with warm colors, for some reason they are more of a challenge for me than cool colors are– but I’m enjoying working with this pallet so far.

Overall, the concept is there, the colors are blocked in, all that’s left to do is clean up and detailing- aka, the hard part lol! Because there’s so much going on, I’ll be working this Illustration throughout July, so, more updates soon!

As for Witch, well, She’ll be done a lot sooner– before my birthday. which is in just a few days! So lets have a look at where she’s at–

WITCHANNOne thing that I like to do, to help motivate me when I have a bunch of work on my plate is I’ll give myself rewards. My reward for finishing this, will be a trip to the zoo with all my friends, to celebrate. That, and want to work on this any longer. Reason being is I’m currently working on 4-5 other projects that I have to move onto as soon as this is done– >_<

Honestly, I don’t know how I pulling some of this stuff off, but, I am, so that’s good. YAY, PROGRESS!

A little bit about her– She’s a nature witch, and a keeper and protector of plants.  Usually when I draw characters like these, I take a lot of inspiration from things that interest me.  Like her, I love plants. My living room is practically a green house, mmkay? 18 plants and counting, some of which are heirlooms that are at least 50 years old, aka, way older than I am. I love them all!

Another source of inspiration is American Horror Story, Coven-, which is one of my favorite seasons of the series outside of Asylum. One of my favorite characters from that season is Misty Day. Her story was the most interesting, in my opinion and I loved her style, and totally understood her love of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mack

So a combination of several loves of mine, all bundled into one lol.

Overall, I hope you guys like this post, as always, Enjoy!