Thursday Evening Post

Hello! And good evening 😀

Bea here! And I come bearing arts and cookies! Though….only I can eat the cookies >_> sorry…i regret nothing…

Anywho, since we had a long weekend, with Monday being the Holiday, I decided to give myself a much needed break to recharge my batteries so I could prepare a nice post for Thursday.

Of all the projects I’m doing that I have deadlines closing in for, two of them, both still works in progress, I’m glad to be able to share with you all. Lets start with Felipe Cagno’s 321 Comic, Vol 2 Panorama commission


So a ton has changed! Basically the whole concept was redrawn. After talking with Felipe, he decided the best approach would be to draw it as if you’re caught in a moment, very similar to the Rockwell reference I’m using. There’s even a nod to it, with the little doggie if you can spot him 😀  That and he wanted it done in such a way that it showcased the sunlight pouring in. I don’t often work with warm colors, for some reason they are more of a challenge for me than cool colors are– but I’m enjoying working with this pallet so far.

Overall, the concept is there, the colors are blocked in, all that’s left to do is clean up and detailing- aka, the hard part lol! Because there’s so much going on, I’ll be working this Illustration throughout July, so, more updates soon!

As for Witch, well, She’ll be done a lot sooner– before my birthday. which is in just a few days! So lets have a look at where she’s at–

WITCHANNOne thing that I like to do, to help motivate me when I have a bunch of work on my plate is I’ll give myself rewards. My reward for finishing this, will be a trip to the zoo with all my friends, to celebrate. That, and want to work on this any longer. Reason being is I’m currently working on 4-5 other projects that I have to move onto as soon as this is done– >_<

Honestly, I don’t know how I pulling some of this stuff off, but, I am, so that’s good. YAY, PROGRESS!

A little bit about her– She’s a nature witch, and a keeper and protector of plants.  Usually when I draw characters like these, I take a lot of inspiration from things that interest me.  Like her, I love plants. My living room is practically a green house, mmkay? 18 plants and counting, some of which are heirlooms that are at least 50 years old, aka, way older than I am. I love them all!

Another source of inspiration is American Horror Story, Coven-, which is one of my favorite seasons of the series outside of Asylum. One of my favorite characters from that season is Misty Day. Her story was the most interesting, in my opinion and I loved her style, and totally understood her love of Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mack

So a combination of several loves of mine, all bundled into one lol.

Overall, I hope you guys like this post, as always, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

Good evening folks! Or in my case, after midnight, so morning, where I am. I stayed up late after making arts all day, to share with you guys some exciting new projects– one personal and one commissioned that I was given the okay to share my works in progress for.

Like many of my posts, these will include sketches, and concepts and animations, along with some notes I’ve been taking to help me through the completion of each piece, especially since I do a lot of study while I draw.

With that said, lets start with the personal piece. I wont say much of what it’s for, because that’s kinda confidential at the moment until it’s officially released, but it is a portfolio piece, and a first attempt practice piece at doing animated illustrations. Introducing, my first animated sketch!

StrikeA few things about this one- for a while now, especially since this year began, I have been making a very conscious effort to improve my rendering abilities, my ability to draw faces, and create work that is, overall, more dynamic/energetic. Usually the end result is multiple sketches that I challenge myself to make better, more powerful, more energetic, until I have a concept I can roll with.

For example– the first sketch of this piece– while energetic it was impracticable in how weird the pose was. The dress hides it, but her legs would have to be broken for her to stand like that >_<. Definitely something to pay attention to, when drawing figures is to make sure the pose actually works, and if it doesn’t, create one that does– hence, the changes in her pose.


In the process, while working through the composition of the sketch, I’m also practicing different techniques that I’ve been learning, to understand how some of the pros do things, and to ultimately develop methods that work for me.

One of my sources of study is Imagine FX. a magazine designed to help digital artists/illustrators, like myself, and has proven to be a wonderful resource for learning tips and tricks of the trade in almost every area you can think of. In this case, the workshop I’ve been studying is  from Vol 92’s Paint a Backlit Manga Character by Krenz Cushart, featuring the process to his illustration Vampire.

Because the main feature of this illustration is going to be the lightning strikes, which means it requires some extra ordinary painting of lighting. Understanding how to backlight  my character seemed like the best approach to bringing this idea to life.There’s still a ton of work to be done with this one as you can see, but so far, off to a good start!

Now on to the main attraction! 321 Comics Vol 2, Pinup Panorama Sketch, Commissioned by Felipe Cagno!

FelipeSpreadFirst off, Norman Rockwell! The inspiration behind both this one and the first  321 Pinup, have been his diner paintings, and this one in particular will be serving as my reference.

Soda_Jerk_Columbus_paintingThe goal is, to paint it in a way that’s similar to Rockwell’s style, and to keep the figures, energetic and full of personality while still being sexy enough to be considered pin up, sooooo prepare for cleavage!! Lol, I’m kidding….not really >_<;

All in good fun though, if there’s one thing I love about drawing women, it’s the curves, babeh!

Alright, enuff foolin’ around, back to bisness! This is going to be a stretch, but the goal is to have both of these images completed, or near completion by May 31st, which is my birthday, so, expect huge changes by time the next Monday Evening Post rolls around. Updates to be coming soon also for the Katzenworld Cats too.

On a side note, just a personal wish of mine, I do hope to someday be in a position where my work is featured in Imagine FX, or that I too can impart some of what I’ve learned  in the various studies I do in this growing process of mine. Wish me luck guys 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post, till next time, Enjoy!

Monday Evening Post

I’ll be honest, I’m not the neatest person in the world. As much as I try to stay organized, things always get a bit chaotic, eventually. To my friends who know me, yeah my room gets junky sometimes but I knows where everything is!!

The same can be said for the many, many, art folders I have stored all over my computer. Like, I accumulate more stuff on my computer than I know what to do with sometimes, and it gets to a point where I have to spend a day trying to sort everything out to bring order back to my humble workspace. While this is annoying to me, even though I have no one to blame but myself,  it’s always interesting when I dig up art that I’ve done and completely forgot about–especially when some of it has never really seen the light of day.

This post is dedicated to some of those. And there’s one thing that all of these have in common. FAN ART!

Now in addition to my first confession in this post, I’m also the sort of person who likes to hide my “failures”  For example, if I’m cooking dinner, and I burn it– You’ll never know, because it’ll be in the trash before you suspect anything, and I’ll be asking for dinner out!

Same goes with my art.  Artists are truly their own worst critics– me especially. If something doesn’t come out the way I want it too, even if I’ve put in a ton of hours on it, it often joins it’s predecessors in the graveyard called the trash box. Because of this, I’ve spent years not showing any work at all, even though I’ve been drawing, simply because I’m unsatisfied with it.  This is not a habit I want to keep, so when I started this blog, I accepted the fact that I’ve got a lot of growing, and a lot of learning to do, and committed to the idea of sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With that said, lets start with the first drawing, where Sailor Moon meets Star Trek!


I love love love looooove Sailor Moon- Sailor Jupiter being my favorite!  and I love love looooove Star Trek.   For some reason, I decided to try and combine the two? This was a sketch on it’s way to a full illustration but unfortunately never made it beyond that due to some issues I had with anatomy. It’s been about two years since I started this and I doubt I’ll have the time to ever bring this idea into full fruition, but I really had a lot of fun trying to imagine the sailor scouts in a different way.

Onto our next entry– Post Apocalyptic Scooby Doo!

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I’m a huge fan of things post apocalyptic, especially Zambies….and yes, I am a Walking Dead fan o.o This sketch had nothing to do with Zambies, but I wanted to draw grittier versions of the Scooby crew.

ScoobyThis actually came straight from my little sketch book. From right to left, it’s Daphne, Velma, and Fred….I ran out of space when it came to Shaggy and Scooby, and just never got around to it again. This one, however, I do plan on bringing to life some day, with the Shaggs and Scoobs included!

For the last entry in this post, a series of hand painted sketch cards, I did of characters from the Lady Death comic book.


These were commissioned by Moonstone Comics, and the first one, made it as a premium card, which only 3 were selected amongst the artists that participated. These were quite difficult to do– considering there was no room for error. I had six cards to paint, and… all I was given was six cards >_<, which was a scary thought considering I rarely work in traditional mediums. But with much planning, all the cards turned out great, with a mix of acrylic, color pencils and marker.

That’s all the art I have for today! But, good news. The portfolio link you see up top? It will be updated soon, with a real portfolio, which I have been designing as a book, featuring all my newest arts! All prep work for the San Diego Comicon. Also, stay tuned as I’ll be posting new arts later in the week, before the next Monday Post.

Till next time, Enjoy!

All Catz!

I laid aside yesterday’s Monday Evening post, and took the days prior to get better, and I am 😀 After much tea and vitamins and seeing the super freakin awsome Avengers, Age of Ultron, I am pumped and ready to go! and I’m excited to introduce, the last two sketches of the kitties from Katzenworld, Catto and Angel!


Here’s what Marc-Andre had to say 🙂

“Catto is a very curios boy that always wants to check out what is going on and puts his nose into things haha! He has his cuddly moments and likes to play. While he loves his human parents he is not good with other animals of any species!

Angel, As you can see she is a genuine Persian long hair! 🙂 She almost seems to have a sense of humour and is very inquisitive.”

Naturally I drew Catto curiously exploring things with his nose, and something about Angel suggested I should draw her in a majestic way– so that’s the rout I took.  Now for the full spread!


Since doing the last two sketches I’ve been able to see all the cats as one big picture– so I made some changes to make all the art a bit more uniform in appearance across the board.  All the cats now have the same type of eyes– where as before some cats looked like snowball, while others had whites in their eyes. I also scaled all the cats, mostly their heads, to be the same size in each image, so your eyes flow steadily through each one. I also gave Oliver his little goatee he was spose to have, lol!

These are all, however, still just sketches.  The final versions will be cleaner, have a bit more detail, and will be in print ready format when complete.

In the meantime, since I have a ton of work on my plate, I decided to take Sid’s suggestion and cut my posts down to one post per week, which will be the Monday Evening Post, at least until I’ve returned from the San Diego Comicon. It is my hope that by limiting my post, I can manage my workload and return to publishing better material 🙂 We’ll see how that turns out! But in the meantime I am very grateful for everyone’s support as I push through the obstacles :D.
Hope you enjoy the kitties of Katzenworld, and till next time, Enjoy!

Thursday Evening Post

First off I’d like to thank those who wished me well 🙂 I’m still under the weather, but thankfully I haven’t become bed ridden. I’ve been coasting between sick and not sick, for the past week. One day I feel great, the next day, I feel the symptoms coming on, but after taking my vitamins, drinking a lot of fresh teas, fruits and veggs, I’ve been well enough to stay on my feet. It’s the weather though– going from hot to cold and that weird in between place hat makes it hard for the body to adjust x_x. typical here in Michigan when the seasons are changing. Weather don’t know what it wants to do.

My goodness though– May already. Hard to believe we’re five months into the year. Makes me wish I was younger because time seemed to move much slower! Ah well– it’s a good time to step back and reflect, like what’s happened since I kick started my blog– and what I expect going forward.

Even though my blog isn’t anything huge, it’s been a pretty big challenge for me– and has impacted my life in many ways I didn’t expect. like, for years I was in a slump artistically, not learning, not growing, barely creating anything personal or new. It had been on my mind for a long time to start a blog but I didn’t have the drive or the confidence to go ahead and do it…But then, January rolled around– January 1st, and I had a “today is the day” moment, and even though I wasn’t ready for it, I kick started my blog with a 30 day sketch challenge, and took the Blogging 101 course to learn the ins and outs.

It was during this time, I met many of you who follow me today, and it’s because of you guys– inspiring me, inspiring my work, and supporting my blog that I have the drive to keep this thing going, especially now when I have so much weight on my shoulders that committing to these posts is hard.

It’s not a matter of having the right material to share, because I certainty have a lot of it! The issue is time. I’ve been on a race against the clock since securing my trip to California, and it’s been a constant struggle maintaining a balance between how I spend my time and energy to meet different obligations. Unfortunately some projects had to hit the back-burner until I’m in the clear. Even more unfortunate, so much of my energy is spent on other things, that I’ve been unable to give my blog that extra attention and care I’d like to.

Overall it’s going to be a rough couple of months, until this trip is over. I may slip up with my posts sometimes, but I’m determined to keep pushing forward, to keep growing, keep learning, keep posting and building this blog, even if it’s at a slower pace than I would like.

Aside from all the friends I’ve made since kick starting this blog, and all the wonderful people I’ve met, I realized that I created more art in five months than I ever have in my life, and instead of the 5 images I started with, I now have 33+ being featured– all of them new. That in itself, is an accomplishment for me lol!

As for the kitties I’ve been drawing for Katzenworld, I tried, but couldn’t muster up the energy to make it happen today lol! So I’m shooting for Monday to have those sketches complete 🙂

Again, thank you all for your continued support, and as always, enjoy!