Monday Evening Post

Due to the fact that I’ve been sick for the past few days, and spent Monday bedridden, this post is coming a bit late. It will also be brief, considering I’m still under the weather, so I’ll be saving all the juicy stuff for Thursday!

In the meantime,  I’m here to Introduce, Zelda, from Katzenworld

ZeldaSketchHere’s what Marc-André had to say about Zelda!

“Zelda is still very young. Only 6 months old! My sister adopted her. 🙂 She has perfectly white paws, white whiskers and a little white neck. Her mum was a Persian cat and her dad was of unknown origin! But she is starting to get fluffier. Very playful character and her favorite sleeping and unfortunately playing place is the book shelf! She has knocked down a few books onto my sister haha. :)”

Like the previous sketches, I’ve been trying to incorporate little habits the kitties have in the sketches, so naturally, I drew Zelda nice and snug in a book shelf, ready and waiting for passers by! used a reference for this one.

Two more cats to go, which I may just finish on Thursday for that post, and all the sketches will be finished 🙂 In the meantime, I’d like to thank Marc-andre for sharing the sketches on his blog. I’ve been kind of out overwhelmed and out of it for the past month so I haven’t been as responsive as I would like to be– but again, thank you!

Till next time, Enjoy!