Monday Evening Post

Seductress of the Deep

DeepSeductressOkay, this post is a biit NSFW >_<, so I’m setting it apart from the post Oliver the cat will be featured in, which will be published as a secondary Monday Evening Post, in the evening.

Basically I’ve been quite exhausted after getting slammed with a ton of work at one time, resulting in quite a few sleepless nights, and mis-timed posts that I’m still kinda recovering from via multiple naps throughout the day lol! But I’m well enough now that I’m able to draw, produce more works, and get back on track with more detailed posts involving my process. That’s what this one is about.

I’m constantly learning, trying new things to help me get my ideas out better, so this time around I decided to try a method I’ve seen a lot of artists using, to see if it would help me move faster. I don’t have the official name for it, but I’m going to refer to it as the block-out method, where you basically work off a silhouette and block in shapes using color, before applying details and really fleshing it all out. The purpose of this method? To keep your work loose and energetic, and also because it consumes less time.

And for me, it did :D. This is one of three illustrations that I did in a short time using this method, the other two will be featured in the this Thursday Evening Post. For those of you who are interested, I included a little animation detailing the steps!

MermaidGifYou may notice the image in the upper right hand corner. This is my reference, which I created. I don’t have models to pose for me, so most times when I have an idea that I’m having a hard time picturing in my head, I’ll use programs like Poser, DazStudio, and/or Google Sketchup, to create poses and compositions using the 3d models that are available to me. These programs aren’t perfect, as the models themselves are a bit stiff to me,  but they are very useful tools, that really help build accuracy in your work by at least allowing you to see you ideas in action.

Hope you enjoyed this post! In the meantime, check back later to see the new sketch for Oliver from Katzenworld!

and as always, Enjoy!