Thursday Evening Post

The Fox and the Hound
April MCA low growl could be heard from within the darkness, growing stronger with each encroaching footstep…

a warning…to not get too close.

This is the illustration for 2015’s April Monthly Collectable for,
Featuring the Seraphic Fox- A fabled creature of great power, the Seraphic Fox enchanted the creatures of her forest to both hide and protect her from hunters who seek to capture her for their own gain/ And the Vigilant Hound, enchanted by the Seraphic fox, this wolf-like beast can take the form of a man, and serves as her protector, ensuring that she remains free.

So, yay! New arts to share! I’m actually still quite worn out from my workload, so my sleeping schedule and drawing schedule are quite off–leaving me short for words. It kinda happens when all you want to do is sleep >_<  but I’m excited about the other works in progress i get to share with you guys! Also, look for the sketch of Oliver from Katzenworld, to be posted soon 😀

For now, imma get some sleep >_< Enjoy!