Monday Evening Post

Lazy Afternoons with Mao, from Katzenworld


My posts are running at weird times, mostly because I’m doing other projects, that force me to work on my sketches late into the night, but I should be back on schedule and more timely with my posts starting next week. 😀

So, when I asked Marc what he could tell me about Mao, this is what he had to say 😀

“Slightly chubby! Looks like an emperor penguin– She is the lazier of one of the two (herself and Snowball) and loves to nap on anything in her way especially the sofa.”

So I drew a sketch of Mao on the Sofa, napping lol! Again I tried sticking close with the original concept in the banner, only with sunset colors for atmospheric purposes. Because Mao and Snowball look quite alike to me, I may have got her fur pattern wrong, but like all these sketches they will be cleaned up and made to look better when it’s time to refine them.

I’ll also include each new cat to this spread as I go on


Till next time, Enjoy!