Thursday Evening Post

Post Apocalyptic Sunrise

gaiaart2“I know you don’t talk much,” She began “But I wanna know, is this a world in ruin…or the perfect playground?”

The smirk could be heard in her voice when she spoke, leaving no question to what the answer was in her mind. To her disappointment, he felt no need to comment.

Ladies and Gentlemen– Meet our Post Apocalyptic Princess, and her companion– Dystopian Hero– two of three characters I designed for the items I created for Gaia’s March Monthly Collectable.ย  Feel free to check it out here!

So this illustration has two renditions. The first was originally done for Gaia in a different layout, for March’s Monthly Collectable, and the second I did for portfolio purposes.

It’s been an interesting learning experience for me, because I’m studying into concept art– and different methods artists use to reach a final product. One, in particular, involves doing character concepts, and then laying them out on a background. Hence, the purpose for these.

APConceptArt1This was my first time taking this approach, so naturally I had a rough time, but as per usual in my experience, the rough times usually leads to some valuable lessons learned.ย  The one I learned in particular this time around was that– if you think you can do better, go for it.

I say that because I went through two drafts of drawing these characters, before reaching the final version. This was the first.

APConceptArtI was actually really proud of this when I drew it ๐Ÿ˜€ but there were problems with it. Firstly, my female had some balance issues concerning her legs, and, I needed to draw them in a way that they could be arranged in a setting with background. These poses, quite simply were just too straight forward.ย  So, onto draft 2!

APConceptArt2I had to really think about the poses in this one, because I had the final illustration in mind. That, and I had to work out the issues with the girl’s standing position. One thing I learned from school, was that the feet should fall directly in line with the shoulders, if your characters are going to stand. Of course it’s okay to break the rule if you want to make something look awesome. Good exaggeration comes in handy, but I needed her to be more accurate for what I was going for.

Once I got the characters mostly drawn, I moved them over into another canvas, arranged and sized them, painted the background, then colored them.

Overall I love the process, and it’s something I’ll be doing going forward with these types of illustrations, all the while working to improve the process for myself.

As always, Enjoy!