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“As much as we know and value art – as a society -we expect our best artists to starve.”

An excerpt in the Art Book Review  by Justin Perkins of: Make Art Make Money by Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

A few of you may recall me mentioning Justin before in earlier posts. He and I went to college together and we’re both illustrators, and often times we collaborate and work through ideas. While I’m big on video games and movies, his thing is books. Unfortunately because I have a short attention span, sitting down to read anything more than articles is hard for me.  So the saying goes between us “You read the books, and then tell me about them.”

>_<…Because of this arrangement we have, I consider myself fortunate to have insight on books I’m missing out on reading. Good news though, because of his love for books and study,  Justin has decided to include reviews of his reads.

This book in particular, gives a glimpse into the estranged relationship between creative people and the business world, particularly focusing on the life and work of Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets. It’s an interesting read, and I encourage you to check out his review, and the painting he did to accompany it!

And as always, Enjoy!

Justin Perkins


I am a big reader, most of the time I’m reading something. So I decided to share what I read in the form of book reviews. I planning on reviewing mostly art books or things that deal with creativity in some way, but maybe in the future I will go into some of the other kinds of books I read.

Originally published in 2013, Make Art Make Money isn’t your typical book with 10 lessons that will set you on the path to greatness. I doesn’t give you a straight forward answer to the question “How do I make my art make me money?” Instead the book is more like a conversation with a wise grandparent. In this book Stevens uses the life and work of Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets) to illustrate how an artist may maintain balance between making art profitable and staying true to their vision.

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