Monday Evening Post

Hey guys and gals, It’ Monday! And I’m here with another update on our Mystery Girl!

A Familiar Face

Preview1Still don’t recognize her? This might help!


Since February I’ve been studying and practicing painting faces, and many of you got to see my progress in the last two illustrations I posted. Since it was the end of the month, I decided to take my continued studies to who I will for now refer to as the Constellation Girl. This is again just a sample of the full illustration, and because I’m actively trying to learn as a paint, I’m taking my time.

Basically I wanted to see how my skills had improved in a month’s time after my studies, and our lady of the constellations seemed to be the best candidate for comparison. Overall, my lines got tighter, cleaner, and I understand the contours of the face a bit better and how light hits it. There’s still much to learn about her– who she is, her personality– all that good stuff, so expect to see more of her!

On a side note– because the earlier parts of the month is a time where I have to generate ideas for future projects and meet obligations with my clients, it’s difficult finding time to draw at my leisure. It’s only around the latter time of the month that my schedule frees up enough that I can truly commit to my studies. Because of this, between the 1-15 of every month, I’m going to dedicate my Monday and Thursday Evening posts to other artists and articles geared towards helping artists.  I am still kinda finding my footing with this blogging thing, and I thank everyone for their patience as I figure out how mines is going to flow.  Till next time, Enjoy!