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Pillar of Light

Commissioned by: Catherine

Kath3Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Katherdante!

The making of Pillar of Light

There wasn’t a ton of problem solving with this illustration, but there were a few things I had to focus quite a bit on– like finding the right inspiration, making her face more appealing, and figuring out the color.

When Catherine came to me, requesting this commission, I knew right away what direction I wanted to go with it after going over what she wanted. Beautiful woman, goddess of light and life– who better to take inspiration from, than the great Alfonse Mucha? I’ve been a fan of Mucha’s work for many years now, and when it comes to painting beautiful women, I often look to his work for direction, and after getting to know  a bit more about who Katherdante is, this image became my soul source of inspiration.

Alphonse Mucha
Alphonse Mucha

I loved the flowers, I loved the colors, gold and white and the contrast it created, and it just felt right. Catherine and I kept in close contact, going over the illustration in it’s various stages, so I was excited when she approved the colors, esp when it turned out that gold and silver were Kath’s signature colors 😀

The most time consuming part of this illustration was painting the flowers– which consist of, Baby’s breath, White Orchids, and White Lily’s and some other flowers I made up >_<; I managed it by collecting some stock of the different flowers, and I arranged it like a bouquet, around her, before painting them.

Lastly, because I’ve been in the practice of improving my faces– I went back and forth quite a bit between 321 Pinup and Katherdante, apply what I learned to both while it was all very fresh. Much like in 321 Pinup, this animation shows how the illustration evolved during my learning streak.

KathAnimateAs always, Enjoy!