What’s Up for March

Some of you who have visited my About page or have been following since January, understand that this blog is like my digital sketchbook where I share sketches and works in progress, notes, thoughts and ideas. In addition, this is also where I share the challenges I give myself to help me become a better artist.

There’s a lot of truth to the saying that you are your own worst critic because you can see the flaws in your own work. So I’ve been making a very conscious effort through my challenges to understand my flaws, and learn how to improve upon them so that I wont have to struggle as much in doing the things I find difficult. Instead, I can spend more time bringing my ideas to their highest potential.

That brings us to March, where I will be embarking on a year-long challenge.  Each month,  for 12 months, Ill combine what i learn in other challenges, into a painting based off a photo. Why? so that by the end of the challenge, I’ll be able to compare my progress through a time lapse video, to see how i improved through these exercises.

It took me nearly a month to find the right photo to use for this challenge, but when I saw it, I knew!

Abigail's Garden by Emily Soto
Abigail’s Garden by Emily Soto

This is the photo I’ll be painting every month. I chose it specifically because I want to focus on painting faces, fabric, hands, and depth.

I was so excited when after reaching out to Ms. Soto, she gave me permission to use her photography in my challenge. I explained and I’m making it public here, that I will not be using her image for profit of any kind, and that I would give her proper credits. You can find Ms. Soto through these various links, and see more of her beautiful photography, and you can also click the image for a direct link to it on Deviantart.

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This is a big challenge for me, considering it will be going on for a year. Wish me luck!