Monday Evening Post

Yay! New Content! As you can see, I am trying to be more creative with my titles… which is obviously inspired by the Saturday Evening Post…and I know I’m not making this post in the evening, but I’m a rebel! I do these things! Besides, I’m sure to some people in the world it is evening,So, Win win :D!

Anywho, Lately I’ve been behind some of the monthly collectables for, which to me is an honor to be asked to do. I grew up on Gaia in the early years,  and to be in a position where I can now create in the community is something I am highly grateful for, and it’s because of the opportunities they’ve given me that i’ve been able to grow my talents. Someday I hope to be up there with other well known artists of Gaia. I’m still learning from them afterall 😀
To see the items I made, and  more details on the collectable, click here-

MCiLLOFebAlso, one last update on the commission I have in progress before the final update which will be a finished piece.

Kath1After talking to Kat, who commissioned this, we were able to work out the dimensions– so this is the format this illustration will be in when complete. All it needs now is a good cleaning up and some details added. Look forward to seeing it hit my Works page soon 🙂

As always, Enjoy!

One Reply to “Monday Evening Post”

  1. Hi, I just have to say this is the most beautiful face I’ve seen drawn in a long time. So sweet and full of life. I’ve got this image in my messages of Deviantart and I don’t dare to delete it because I love to see it everytime I go there.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the process, too.

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