Help me learn to paint faces better by allowing me to paint yours!

One of the goals I have, for this blog is to be able to engage with my followers and watchers– and what better way to do that, than to allow you the opportunity to take part in some of my studies as I learn and grow as an artist!

The challenge for February was to focus on portraiture– because if there’s one thing I struggle with the most as an artist, it is drawing faces….aaaaand I want to change that by being better at it. Normally I’ll scour the internet or the stock websites I’m a member of for portraits to use as references, but instead of relying solely on the images I’ve purchased and collected, I’m also coming to you!

So if you’d like to be painted by me, as one of my facial studies, here’s what you need to know, and also what I’m looking for.

1. I’m looking for 5-10 participants to individually supply one photo of one individual that I may use as a reference to paint from. Depending on how many people participate, if any, I’ll pull the best images from the lot.

2. My paintings will be stylized, not photo realistic, meaning, I’ll be painting them in my own style.

3. No selfies please. Also, photo must be high quality, or at least good enough that I can make out the details of the facial features.

4. A photo that tells a story about your personality is encouraged. Fun, quirky, sexy, natural or emotional facial expressions are a huge plus. the more emotion you have, the better.

5.You may link me to your photo through my comments , or use my contact page to send an email.

Just a note– Once I’ve completed the two commissions I’m currently working on, I intend to move into my study of faces and portraits. I don’t make these offers often. It is only because I’m trying to grow in certain areas that I’ve taken on this challenge, and have left these slots open. These paintings will also be done in my leisure, so any commission work I may receive will be treated as priority. Participants will be notified however, when their painting is published. Overall I hope some of you are willing to participate. It would be much appreciated :D.