Becoming Alive


an update from this one:


She’s starting to look a lot different, but usually when I start coloring an image, that’s when I begin to really flesh out the details. Coloring has to be the hardest stage for me because it takes so much time for me to find a pallet that works. In this case, I wanted the character to look like she’s been kissed by the sun. There’s still much to do to achieve that, but she’s getting there lol!


2 Replies to “Becoming Alive”

  1. Hi, I just have to say this is the most beautiful face I’ve seen drawn in a long time. So sweet and full of life. I’ve got this image in my messages of Deviantart and I don’t dare to delete it because I love to see it everytime I go there.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the process, too.


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