321 Pinup!

As promised, to fill in the update days, I’ll show you guys and gals how I go about completing a painting!

Phase one was creating a sketch. Me, being self taught and ignorant in ways, I naturally try to skip this step and jump right in and hope the outcome is good lol. Not a good move, in my opinion. It is only recently after learning from many many mistakes that I’ve found it more beneficial and less time consuming to actually take the time to plot out your drawing, work out the kinks and have something solid to work from, before running with it.

Since I have the drawing figured out, I moved on to phase two– under painting and lighting.


If you look closely you’ll see a lot of grid lines throughout my sketch. These lines help me map out the contours of the figure, which gives me an idea of how the different light sources are going to affect it. In this case, there are two light sources– One is a back light because Felipe has requested there be a neon sign in there somewhere, and the other is the main light source. I use the lines shooting from the light sources to see what direction the light is going to fall, which also helps me figure out where the shadows will be.

I used a simular method in figuring out how the light would ping off the girl in my touch the stars illustration, which had a bunch of light sources. Overall though, this phase has helped me establish my values. Now Im good to go with phase 3– which will involve laying in my colors 🙂

Till that update, Enjoy! And, if you’d like to support the kickstarter here’s the link– I encourage you to check it out!