Thursday Update

I’m eventually going to find better titles for these updates, but for now, please bear with me >_<; Even though my posts are spread out, I have been working constantly, meeting deadlines and preparing for future posts. Like, I’ve barely slept for the past week!  I’m an artist, so this sort of thing is pretty common lol.

Not too long ago I was commissioned by my friend Felipe, of 321: Fast Comics to do a promotional illustration for their kick starter page. He’s cool with letting me share my process works, since I do want to make an effort going forward in showing my work.

felipeThe idea was to do a pinup piece, preferably of a woman in a diner in Norman Rockwell’s style. After studying a few concepts, and reference images, I managed to work out this sketch. One thing about Rockwell is that his work, to me, always seemed like a photograph taken at a natural, not-posed moment. Pinup is quite the opposite, in that the women are typically highly posed. Figuring out how to combine Rockwell with pinup wasn’t easy, but I figured I’d draw a woman in a diner, as if she’s there greeting you to take your order. It’s somewhat posed, but has the a similar energy you’ll find in Rockwell’s work. We’ll see how the painting goes though! I don’t have much time to do this one so it’s going to be quite simple.

In the meantime, if you’re into comics, please check out the kickstarter! His comics has been getting great reviews online, and he’s an excellent client to work with!