Day 28

Oliver and Nubia

Curtosy of Marc-André


Day 17, I challenged myself and drew two cats– Yin and Yang. In response to my post,  Mr. Marc-André Challenged me, to do it again, and asked if I could draw his two cats, Oliver and Nubia.

I checked out his blog and after studying Oliver and Nubia a while, I figured this would be a good depiction of them.If I’m right, the black cat is the more playful one?

Anyway, Challenge Accomplished Marc-Andre! I hope you like them!


14 Replies to “Day 28”

  1. Omg! They are absolutely adorable!!! Thank you so much 🙂 I like the fact how Nubia does indeed sneak up on Oli while he is sleeping. LOL and of course when gets annoyed if he gets her back… Lol

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      1. I work with a tablet, yes. Bamboo. I don’t use illustrator to draw much, only if absolutely necessary. Other than that, all my work is done in Photoshop. These sketches are all in one PSD, so they’re not the highest quality, but it should do fine on a shirt.

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      2. I suck at illustrator XD my skills are just about enough to temper with PSD files 😦 a good friend of mine used to do all the art for my blog (before life and stuff got in the way) on illustrator and i tried to learn 😮


      3. Oh yeah, illustrator is a pain for me too. I’m a freehand drawer– I dont like the constraints in illustrator, it drives me nuts, having to use polygons! I can do basic stuff on it, but for those reasons I never really got into learning the ins and outs. it’s too mathematical for me– and I suck at math, unless it involves counting monies >_<

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      4. Yep I hate math too… So wasn’t a good start on that front :0 and of course I never practiced drawing so even simple things take me aaaaaggggess lol. I have a “little” project that requires an artists hand btw 😉 could maybe be of interest to you :D. I’ll send you details back when you send the image file ^^


      1. Yes that worked perfectly! 🙂 I haven’t printed it yet but dimensions seem more than sufficient to print a T-Shirt ^^. Do drop me an email if you are interested in teaming up for a little project tho. 😀


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