Day 25

Fortune Cookies


I love fortune cookies!

In addition to being delightfully delicious, each one has a special little message for you. Kind of like a letter in a bottle! Only, it’s a cookie!

Not only do I enjoy eating those marvelous cookies, but for some reason, back when I was in college, I began to collect the little strips of paper, in a jar in my room, from every cookie I ate, and from the cookies my friends ate!

So yeah….I have a jar full of fortunes!

My friends think I’m a little weird for it–they think I’m weird for a lot of things I do… But no matter!  After pulling a fortune,  I decided to use it as inspiration for today’s sketch, took a photo of it, and included it at the bottom.

As for the fortune, I agree. It is important to stay grounded 🙂